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ConsenSys on growing the Ethereum Ecosystem
ConsenSys described itself as “a global organism” that is constantly adapting to support and cultivate the Ethereum ecosystem. We were glad to speak with Charles D’Haussy, Director of strategic initiatives at ConsenSys about his advice and experience with Ethereum-based project.

ConsenSys Acquires US Brokerage Firm to Tokenize Outdated Municipal Bonds Market
ConsenSys has made a major acquisition of a U.S brokerage Firm to put traditional municipal bonds on the blockchain.

ConsenSys Proposes Tokenization to Leverage Impure Public Goods
People generally understand that human-made public goods—highways, airports, libraries—will incur some economic costs which must be recovered through some sort of fee, toll or charge. It is apparent, however, that the general public gives little thought to the actual policy decisions made in cost recovery schemes or the impact of cost recovery methodologies on the efficient allocation and utilization of these resources for the assets. ConsenSys proposes a tokenized model to better sustain and enhances public resources.

Consensys Report: CBDC are Risk-Free Compared to Facebook Libra
In a recent white paper entitled Central Banks and the Future of Digital Money—Consensys offers an insightful and practical overview of the potential and risks of CBDC. The research paper also offers an example of how the Ethereum blockchain can be leveraged to design and build a CBDC and takes a deep dive into what the practical implementation of a CBDC would require.

JP Morgan Looking to Merge its Blockchain Unit Quorum with ConsenSys
JP Morgan Chase & Co has been reportedly in talks with blockchain startup ConsenSys, to merge the former’s blockchain unit, Quorum with the startup.

Ethereum’s Joe Lubin: ‘I Would Love to Help China Get Expert in Ethereum Technology’
Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin was interviewed by Forbes on Saturday, and among other things, he said that he’d love to help China get up to speed with Ethereum technology.

Ethereum Co-Founder on Facebook Libra: “A Centralized Wolf in a Decentralized Sheep’s Clothing”
Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin is the latest critics on the centralization concern of Facebook’s Libra coin.

US Investment Giant Charles Schwab Not Interested in Direct Trade of Crypto
Charles Schwab the US-based brokerage giant, which manages over $3.2 trillion in assets, are dismissing cryptocurrencies for the time being. This decision comes in spite of their competitors ‘Fidelity’ rushing to embrace this new market.

Blockchain Daily Digest - August 23rd, 2019
Blockchain Daily Digest - August 23rd, 2019

Blockchain Daily Digest – December 11th, 2019
Dr. Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET , a decentralized blockchain-based AI marketplace project. He is one of the world’s foremost experts in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and has decades of experience leveraging AI to create solutions in natural language processing, robotics and even national security.

The Trivial Things You Should Admire about Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
The Trivial Things You Should Admire about Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019

Beyond Startups—Championing for an Ecosystem to Drive Blockchain Forward
Tribe Accelerator is Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator, on a mission to bridge the gap between blockchain startups and the traditional world. Yi Ming Ng, the Managing Director at Tribe Accelerator, believes that blockchain is beneficial to a lot of businesses from different industries. However, there has been a lot of fear and speculation around cryptocurrencies in the traditional corporate world.

The Future of the Financial Sector Will Rely on Blockchain, Says Singapore’s Fintech Chief
Sopnendu Mohanty, the Chief Fintech Officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) spoke at a panel at Blockshow Asia 2019 held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center last week. In his panel on the topic of: “All that fintech with a layer of blockchain,” he explains the MAS’ role for blockchain adoption in Singapore and in Asia.

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 is Moving Beyond the Hype
Africa's leading Blockchain conference will bring together hundreds of attendees from around the globe to discuss the future and convergence of blockchain technology and AI and how these technologies are addressing urgent challenges in Africa.

Actinver, BNP Paribas, Citibank, And JPMorgan Go Live on CLS Blockchain Platform
Four banks (JPMorgan, Citibank, BNP Paribas, and Actinver) go live on CLS blockchain bilateral payments netting platform.

Fintech Startup Monerium Seeks to Issue E-Money on Algorand Blockchain
The role of e-money is on the rise and continues to challenge bank deposits and cash. The recent partnership between Fintech Firm Monerium and Algorand Blockchain company presents a whole picture of the relevance of e-money as a more convenient means of payments and financial transactions.

Bitcoin Adoption Accelerating in NGO Sectors Across Australia, Europe, And North America
NGOs are now cashing in on cryptocurrencies. A new report reveals that an increasing number of charities continue to adopt bitcoin cryptocurrency majorly across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Empowering Enterprise Blockchain Integration with Hyperledger and R3
Cyberport, being the digital flagship of Hong Kong has gained collaborations with other government-linked organizations, such as InvestHK. InvestHK is the department of the Hong Kong government responsible for foreign direct investment and for promoting Hong Kong’s status as the leading international business hub in Hong Kong.

HK FinTech Week: What’s Next for Blockchain in Finance?
HK FinTech Week: What’s Next for Blockchain in Finance?

The Global Blockchain Congress 2019: Blockchain and its impact in sustainability, stable coins, privacy and other disruptive technologies
The Bank of Japan, the World Trade Organization, the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Economic Forum will participate in a global congress where a direct dialogue will be established to outline the future of the industry.