The Birth of the Coronavirus-Backed CoronaCoin Amid Quarantining Banknotes in China
The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has spread to at least 25 other countries and caused 5 deaths outside of mainland China. Restrictions in Hubei, of the epicenter province of the outbreak, have been imposed further on its citizens. In Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus originated, has been banning its citizens from leaving their homes.
Could Blockchain Increase Diversity in the Way Films are Nominated for the Academy Awards?
The film awards season has finally passed for the year and a look back over the last few weeks, unfortunately, uncovers lingering problems with diversity among the nominations for both the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards (Oscars). Could blockchain provide a solution?
Creating Corruption-Free Ecosystems with Blockchain: A Study
Fighting and eliminating corruption at government or society level is not easy, as complicity and cronyism creates a wall of silence and impunity around it. How can blockchain help to tear this wall down?
Why are Millennials Favouring Bitcoin?
Based on technological innovations revamping the world like cryptocurrencies, millennials have been at the forefront to embrace them. Therefore, explaining the reasons why millennials are heeding to the call of bitcoin being an exceptional technological advancement and investment tool.
How Blockchain Can Mitigate Electoral Malpractices
For elections to be credible, they ought to be free and fair. Nevertheless, the voting process may be marred with malpractices, and this hinders transparency. Blockchain is being touted to avert electoral malpractices and voter fraud based on the distributed ledger technology (DLT) presented.
Red Alert: Ripple Effects of Coronavirus on Chinese Electronic Manufacturers and Bitcoin Miners
The scourge of the coronavirus has led to the temporary closure of factories in China with the electronic industry supply chain being hit the hardest forcing an extension in the Lunar year holiday following the outbreak of the virus.
Ethereum, EOS, & TRON: Which Blockchain Will Continue to Dominate the Dapp Ecosystem in 2020?
By measuring the success of how individual blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON have been performing in the first month of the new year, the data from January 2020 gives an insight into the year ahead.
Hong Kong, a Coronavirus Hit City: How is the Blockchain Ecosystem Bracing for Greater Impact?
Workers in China are now stuck in their hometowns, with 27 Mainland cities on lockdown in the country. Hong Kong has been investigated cases of environmental transmission of the coronavirus, as two residents in Hong Kong have been infected who live in the same residential building, but on different floors. This, in turn, could impact the US stock market, as the country was previously confident that China could contain the spread of the disease.
VanEck Makes the Case for Institutional Bitcoin Investment
VanEck has outlined the case for institutional Bitcoin (BTC) investment in a report published on Jan. 29. According to the investment management firm, even a small amount of BTC allocation could improve a portfolio's upside.
Terminating Fake News with Blockchain
What's real and what's fake in the media world is increasingly difficult to discern. The war against fake news rages on, but there is one new weapon in the arsenal against misinformation: Blockchain

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