Bitcoin Struggles to Maintain Above $40,000 Level as Ethereum, Dogecoin, And Litecoin Follow Suit

Bitcoin plunged by 3% following Elon Musk’s tweet about the leading cryptocurrency. Other altcoins seem to have followed suit.

Short-Term Bitcoin Holders Have Been Selling at a Net Loss Since May 13

Ever since Bitcoin (BTC) dropped from the record-high price of $64,800 set in mid-April, short-term holders have found themselves on the receiving end based on a sharp correction.

Bitcoin Might Get More Volatility by the End of the Week, Market Analyst Reveals

Market analyst Lark Davis believes that Bitcoin might get more volatility as the week comes to an end based on the formatting of a triangle pattern.

Bitcoin Transaction Volume Hit a 3-Month Low of $3.014 Billion

Bitcoin (BTC) gained momentum in the last 24 hours to trade at $37,200, and the transaction volume also hit a 3-month low of $3.014 billion.

76.7% of Bitcoin Supply is Illiquid- What This Means

On-chain analyst William Clemente III noted that Bitcoin price could continue going up in the long term because 76.7% of Bitcoin is illiquid.

Why Cryptocurrency Massive Energy Consumption Is Extravagant?

Overblown bitcoin energy consumption is leaving an adverse impact on environmental sustainability and different opinions exist of bitcoin miner experts regarding this major concern.

Bitcoin Supply Gets Back to Long-Term Holders

Bitcoin supply is finding its way back in the hands of long-term holders.

Gold Regains Its Old Shines While Bitcoin Struggles to Maintain $37,500 Level

Gold moves higher while Bitcoin still struggles to maintain the support of around $37,000.

All Crypto Assets Correlation Meets Greater Than 60% with Bitcoin

The correlation between Bitcoin and other cryptoassets like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) is above 60%, as acknowledged by Messari Crypto researcher Mira Christianto.

Bitcoin Drops Down Nearly 50% from its Peak-Where is the Key Support Level?

The largest mainstream cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues another round of sell-off after a roller-coaster week trading. On Sunday, Bitcoin's biggest drop reached to 18% and fell to the lowest $31,111. This price was almost half of the $64,854 Bitcoin hit its All-Time High (ATH) on April 14 this year.

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