Is Blockchain the Solution for Trust in Healthcare?
Currently, in 2020, it is clear that Blockchain is still in the development stage. Handling large volumes of data, as well as app and device development for users all, remain ongoing, yet the potential is vast.
Why is Nigeria Africa’s Biggest Crypto Hotspot Even Though it Doesn't Even Have a Bitcoin ATM?
Nigeria is the biggest crypto market in Africa, but based on official records it does not have a functional Bitcoin ATM. WeeTracker reported on Jan 27 that this trend is noted in Nigeria despite it backing the first stablecoin project in the continent using its currency the Naira.
Litecoin vs Bitcoin: Understanding Litecoin by Comparison with Bitcoin
Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee on Oct. 7, 2011, with its codebase is a fork from Bitcoin. In contrary from hard fork and soft fork, this type "fork" doesn't share the transaction history of Bitcoin and it had its own transactions beginning from its genesis block.

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