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UK Real Estate Developer Brik by Brik Launches its Property Investment Ecosystem
Brik by Brik, a major UK-based property development company, is making a long-term bet on the growing cryptocurrency market. The company announced that it will announce the launch of Brikn, a DAO ecosystem on the blockchain.

Over 50% Investors Look for more Alternative Investments for Next 12 Months, Survey Shows
Subject to escalating inflation, over 50% of investors are looking for more investment in alternative assets, Asset Tribe's survey suggests.ation

Henry Cheng's owned Knight Dragon to Issue 100,000 Tokens for Luxury Real Estates in London
Hong Kong property tycoon Henry Cheng's owned Knight Dragon announced Tuesday that it plans to issue 100,000 security tokens, named KDB4 for investors to invest in real estate items in London.

Brazil Real Estate Developer Stalwart Gafisa Starts Accepting Bitcoin as Payment
Stalwart Gafisa believes that Bitcoin will add real value to its clients’ experience.

Portugal Successfully Sells Real Estate With Bitcoin Payments for the First Time
A three-bedroom (two-bedroom) house in the Portuguese metropolis of Braga has successfully sold for Bitcoin for the first time.

Propy Partners with Crypto Lending Platform Abra, Launching Crypto-backed Real Estate Loans
Blockchain-based real estate transaction management company Propy has partnered with digital asset wealth management platform Abra to open up a path to obtain real estate loans with digital assets as collateral.

Dubai Real Estate Developer Damac Properties Accepts Crypto as Payments
Dubai Real Estate Developer Damac announced to welcome tokens by accepting cryptocurrencies payment to purchase real estate properties.

Roofstock Raises $240m in Series E Financing , Expand Access to Real Estate Investing
Roofstock has facilitated over $5 billion in transaction volume, more than half of that came from last year alone.

Washington Developer Harbor Custom Development to Accept Payments in Crypto
Real estate investors in Washington will have more options by paying cryptocurrencies, as the Washington-based Harbor Custom Development Inc is launching the service by the end of January.

Decentraland's Virtual Land Sells for a Record Value of $2.4m in Mana tokens
A piece of virtual real estate in Decentraland was sold for a record value of $2.4 million in cryptocurrency, according to Reuters.

DJ David Guetta To Sell $14M Worth BTC or ETH for Luxury Apartment in Miami
The famous French DJ David Guetta revealed that he would accept $14 million Bitcoin or Ethereumthe payment for selling his Miami beachfront apartment.

Luxury Miami Condominium Arte Now Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as a Form of Payment
Arte by Antonio Citterio, a high-end luxury condominium located in Miami, announced to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for luxury residences and developments.

Shark Tank Star Says Real Estate Is the Best Way to Get Rich, Not Cryptocurrencies
Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank, a famous US investor who is known for developing a billion-dollar real estate empire with just a $1,000 loan, has said that real estate is the best investment you can leverage to make money.

Dubai-Based Asset Advisors Enables Clients to Purchase Real Estate with Bitcoin and Ethereum
Purchasing real estate property with cryptocurrencies is becoming more of a reality, especially in Dubai.

Most People Will Hold Bitcoin Instead of Investing in Stocks, Bonds or Real Estate, says Market Analyst
Pierre Rochard, a market analyst and a Bitcoin advocate, believes that most people will be more inclined to hold BTC than assets like stocks.

‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Kiyosaki Praises Bitcoin, and Says “Bitcoin is In, Real Estate & Gold are Out”
In a talk radio segment, New York Bestseller Robert Kiyosaki and crypto investor Anthony Pompliano discussed the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) and the major role the cryptocurrency will play in the future.

Binance China and Xinyuan Group to Expand Blockchain Utility in Global Real Estate
Binance China Blockchain Institute, the research arm of global exchange Binance has formed a strategic partnership with Xinyuan Group to further the application of blockchain technology in the global real estate industry—including New York.

Japan Rural Dwellers to Experience the Use of Blockchain in Property Acquisitions
A new platform has shown through trial methods that Japanese real estate fund was more efficient, transparent, and compliant with the use of digital securities and blockchain technology.

Gamers Invest Just Over 1 Million USD In Blockchain for Virtual Real Estate
Investing in real estate is what many call a sound investment, however, does this also apply to virtual seaside views and luxury apartments in the gaming worlds as well?

Are Blockchain and Tokenization the Holy Grail in Eradicating Wealth Inequality?
Blockchain and tokenization could prove to be ideal in fighting the wealth inequality challenge as they can break the vicious cycle of wealth inequality by prompting ownership of high-performing asset classes. This will enable any person to invest and partially own lucrative assets, such as commercial real estate.

$134 Million Deal Closed By Real Estate Company Using Blockchain in Switzerland
Switzerland has just recorded one of its first real estate tokenization and sale on the blockchain. The asset involved in this transaction is a building sitting on the prestigious Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich.

South Korean Shared Workspace Company Turns to a Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Platform
Sparkplus, a South Korean office sharing company, has announced a partnership with tech startup Kasa Korea for a blockchain-enabled real estate funding platform. Through the strategic collaboration, Sparkplus seeks to revolutionize Seoul’s sharing economy through a decentralized network that would enable people without much money to collectively and indirectly fund real estate.

First-Ever Real Estate Blockchain Portal Set to Launch in the UK
OpenBricks is eyeing to be the world's first blockchain-based portal as it won’t have any centralized authority, as well as many staff because it will thrive on agents’ own servers using a distributed ledger network.

Xinyuan Employs X-Bolts Blockchain for Real Estate Transformation
Xinyuan, a real estate property manager and developer primarily operating in China, seeks to win market recognition and accelerate innovation in this sector by using the X-Bolts blockchain.

tZERO Partners With Alliance Investments to Tokenize $25M Real Estate Project in UK
tZERO has announced that it has collaborated with Alliance Investments for the sole aim of tokenising River Plaza worth around $25 million.

Blockchain-Based Tenancy Platform via REIQ-Igloo Collaboration in Australia
Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has partnered with an Australian technology firm, Igloo in setting up a blockchain-based tenancy platform that will propel productivity and efficiency in Queensland's real estate sector.

How to Capitalize Trillions in Tokenized Real Estate with Blockchain and PropTech
Real estate tokenization insights and Proptech investment landscape by Blockchain.News, Asia Proptech Association, HKBIA and Coinstreet Partners.