Dlive, a Controversial Blockchain-based Live Streaming Platform
Dlive (Dlive.tv or Dlive TV) is one of the largest blockchain-based live streaming platforms. Dlive is powered by the Lino blockchain, on which you can build your own value-sharing content-based economy and promises that "content creators, viewers, and all other contributors are fully and fairly incentivized".
List of Important Resources on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
Blockchain has the potential to change the whole monetary and financial industry. But it still has a long way to go, as currently, the money issuance power is in the hands of central banks. The compromised way of welcoming blockchain technology in the monetary and financial industry are the central bank issued stablecoins - CDBC.
What is stablecoin? In terms of what we measure the "stability". Understand stablecoin in different features. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
Satoshi Nakamoto's Quotes on Trust - Trusted Third Parties
Satoshi Nakamoto's Quotes on Trust - Trusted Third Parties
A Brief History of US National Credit Defaults
Which nation’s credit is the most reliable? Many casual economic observers would say “America” without hesitation. But do the United States really have a stellar-credit record? No actually, not really at all. In fact, a conscientious look over the last few centuries would reveal that the nation’s brief history is riddled with national credit defaults.
Satoshi Nakamoto's Quotes - Trust
Satoshi Nakamoto's quotes - Trust
Satoshi Nakamoto's Quotes on Trust: A Complete List
Satoshi nakamoto’ s quotes on Trust
What is Trust?
Trust and trusted third parties are key concepts in bitcoin. The key role of bitcoin is to reduce trust and trusted third parties.
Fiat Money
What is fiat money; the history of fiat money and its influence on monetary policy and the global economy.
What is DTube? What are the differences between DTube and YouTube? Learn Dtube by comparing it with YouTube.

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