Satoshi Nakamoto's Quotes on Trust: A Complete List
Satoshi nakamoto’ s quotes on Trust
What is Trust?
Trust and trusted third parties are key concepts in bitcoin. The key role of bitcoin is to reduce trust and trusted third parties.
Fiat Money
What is fiat money; the history of fiat money and its influence on monetary policy and the global economy.
What is DTube? What are the differences between DTube and YouTube? Learn Dtube by comparing it with YouTube.
UTXO stands for An Unspent Transaction Output. It is one of the key concepts in bitcoin design and it is closed related to modern "payment, settlement, clearance" process in financial system.
Bitcoin Whitepaper: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
The Bitcoin Whitepaper
Blockchain Brings Monetary and Financial Freedom
We look at three key aspects (money form, money issuance, and the flow of money) of our monetary and financial system where the blockchain technology may have a major impact

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