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China Identifies Cryptocurrency as a New form for Bribery and Corruption
The Chinese Association for the Study of Integrity and Legal Systems warns of new corruption forms in the digital era, recommending strengthened legislation, expanded bribery definitions, and improved digital enforcement infrastructure.
BitCard® and Blackhawk Network (BHN) to Offer Bitcoin Gift Cards at Select U.S. Retailers
BitCard® has announced a new relationship with Blackhawk Network (BHN), one of the world's leaders in branded payment technology. Through this groundbreaking commercial relationship, BitCard® will offer its Bitcoin Gift Card at select U.S. retailers in BHN's vast network of retailers and B2B channels.
Pope Francis’s Pontifex Carpet Gift Sold as NFT for Charity Purpose in Afghanistan
A Pontifex carpet gifted to Pope Francis by Sheikh Mohamad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan during his visit to the Vatican in Sept 2016 was sold as an NFT for 25 Ether, approximately $81,886.
AMC Theatres Accepts Crypto Payments to Purchase Electronic Gift Cards
AMC Theatres, America’s top theater, first launched an electronic gift card that can be purchased with cryptocurrency.
Missouri Mayor to Airdrop $1,000 in Bitcoin to Cool Valley Residents
Missouri Mayor Jayson Stewart plans to give out $1,000 cash gifts in Bitcoin (BTC) to residents of Cool Valley.
Gift ideas you can buy with cryptocurrencies
If you think about whether you may purchase a gift for someone with it, you definitely can.
Top 4 Platforms to Purchase Christmas Gifts With Bitcoin
As the yuletide season is fast approaching, one of the most predominant thoughts on the minds of many people is the kind of gift to get for loved ones. Being a season of giving, there is no surprise that given that the usability of cryptocurrencies keeps increasing over the years, websites accepting cryptocurrencies have been on the rise as well.

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