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UK's NCA Announces Disruption of World's Most Harmful Cyber Crime Group, LockBit
UK's NCA launched "Operation Cronos" against LockBit, a global cyber crime syndicate, resulting in significant disruptions and the seizure of servers, cryptocurrency accounts, and decryption keys.
FBI Monitors North Korea's Lazarus Group in Major Cryptocurrency Heist
The FBI is monitoring cryptocurrency theft by DPRK's TraderTraitor-affiliated actors, including Lazarus Group and APT38. The agency suspects the DPRK might liquidate over $40 million worth of bitcoin. The FBI advises companies to scrutinize blockchain data and remain cautious about transactions associated with these addresses.
FBI Warns of Criminals Posing as NFT Developers to Target Internet Users
The FBI warns of NFT scams by criminals posing as developers, amid growing concerns over various fraudulent activities in the NFT space.
Binance CEO denies FBI "shot" rumor
Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has denied rumors that he was "shot" by the FBI, which were "spread widely" on a Chinese messaging platform. CZ took the opportunity to reiterate the close working relationship between Binance and the FBI, and emphasized the importance of ignoring fake news and distractions.
FBI seizes $100,000 in cryptocurrency and NFTs
The FBI confiscated the property in October 2022 for violating "federal law," with the NFTs valued over $100,000.
US authorities are pursuing Bitzlato's creator
Bitzlato creator Anatoly Legkodymov is arrested. The U.S. Department of Justice launched a "significant worldwide cryptocurrency enforcement action" against the corporation. "Primary money laundering issue" authorities confiscated its website.
FBI Warns Crypto Ecosystem Investors of DeFi Scams
The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a public warning to investors, especially those fond of the crypto ecosystem to be aware of scams specifically targeting the Decentralized Finance ecosystem
FBI Warns Investors of Fraudulent Crypto Apps
FBI issued a public warning to crypto investors about fraudulent cryptocurrency apps. Fake apps have defrauded more than 200 American investors up to $42.7 million.
OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova Added to FBI's Most Wanted List
Ruja Ignatova, the fraudulent ‘CryptoQueen’ as she is known has been placed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) list of the ten most wanted criminals
US DOJ Announces Leader for New FBI Crypto Unit
The new national cryptocurrency enforcement team will be led by a prosecutor who led the case against a Russian hacker, the U.S. Department of Justice said, adding that the FBI will launch a unit for blockchain analysis and virtual asset seizure.

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