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Yellen Works with Regulators to Address Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is working with regulators to address the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), one of the top 20 largest banks in the US. Yellen has stated that they are focused on protecting depositors, particularly small businesses that employ people across the country, and that they are considering a range of available options, including acquisitions from foreign banks.
In Talks with "Interested Parties" for Bailout, Says Zipmex
Zipmex cryptocurrency trading platform is looking ahead as it has confirmed that it is in talks with interested parties who would like to bail out the platform from its recently identified woes.
FTX Proposes Joint Proposal to Bailout Bankrupt Voyager's Customers
FTX has announced a joint plan that seeks to see Voyager digital customers immediately receive some of their funds. The proposal expects Voyager to continue pursuing Three Arrows Capital for additional recoveries.
Tron Founder Justin Sun Wants to Spend $5B to Save Distressed Crypto Firms
While there has been no news of Tron bailing out any crypto firm thus far, Sun said he is willing to commit as much as $5 billion to save distressed crypto outfits
FTX Still Has a Few Billion to Spare for Struggling Crypto Firms, Sam Bankman-Fried Says
FTX, a leading crypto exchange, is willing to splash a few billion to help struggling companies amid the present cryptocurrency winter, according to the exchange’s CEO and founder, Sam Bankman-Fried.
Morgan Creek Digital to Raise $250m, Balancing BlockFi's Bailout from FTX
Bailing out the crypto lending platform BlockFi has come off as one of the most significant endeavours for early investors in the company such as Morgan Creek Digital.
Bailout Might Not the Best Option for Saving Poor Crypto Projects, Says CZ
Binance boss Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said not all firms are meant to be saved, and he implied that this current economic meltdown that has rubbed off on the crypto industry is just a way to expose the firms without concrete business models.

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