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Hong Kong Science and Technology Park: Turning Tech Startups' Visions into Reality
Blockchain.News sat down with Peter Mok, Head of Incubation and Acceleration Programmes, HKSTP to gain further insight into the incubation initiative and the custom-made programs, that have been designed to support technology startups, and specifically how they could be utilized by blockchain startups.

Hong Kong with its Incredibly Unique Positioning in FinTech
In the second part of our interview with Peter Mok, Head of Incubation and Acceleration Programs at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), he went into detail on the initiatives they have developed to combat the global talent shortage, bring Hong Kong’s lagging Fintech industry up to speed and he tells us how blockchain startups can leverage the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park.

Bitcoin’s Price Boom is Artificially Inflated, says Peter Schiff
Peter Schiff claims that the current rise in bitcoin prices is due to market manipulation.

Will Gold Bull Peter Schiff Change His Mind on Bitcoin? Crypto Twitter Backs BTC
Peter Schiff and his son have brought their friendly banter regarding Bitcoin investments to crypto Twitter.

Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt Exited Stocks and Bitcoin Portfolio, Returned To US Dollar
Veteran technical trader Peter Brandt cashed out his stock and Bitcoin portfolio just before the market crash on 3rd September.

Veteran Trader Peter Brandt Warns Bitcoin Can Go Below $1000
After the roller coaster ride of Bitcoin early this morning, veteran market trader Peter Brandt comes out with a bold statement saying that Bitcoin price may go even down to as low as $1000.

Peter Schiff’s Bank Investigated in Global Tax Evasion Probe, Gold May Be Dirty
Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank is currently under a tax evasion probe for hosting numerous financial accounts suspected of tax evasion crimes.

Peter Schiff Mocks BTC Reliance on Platforms like PayPal, Says "Gold is Money, Bitcoin is not"
Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff is calling out Bitcoin again for requiring a third-party like PayPal to operate as a payment system, he said that "Gold is money and Bitcoin is not".

Winklevoss Checks on Bitcoin Critic Peter Schiff as BTC Price Smashes ATH
As the Bitcoin price soars, Tyler Winklevoss checked in on BTC critic Peter Schiff, who is adamant that the market is rising on pure speculation.

Peter Schiff Sends Stern Warning to Barry Silbert Over Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Price Collapse
Grayscale investments’ national ad campaign has fallen on deaf ears, with shares in Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust plummets 80%. Peter Schiff sends a warning to Grayscale investments CEO Barry Silbert.

"I Knew Owning Bitcoin Was a Bad Idea," Claims Peter Schiff After Losing Access to His Bitcoin Wallet
"I knew to own Bitcoin was a bad idea, I just never realized it was this bad!" exclaims Peter Schiff, after losing access to his bitcoin wallet and his password being invalidated. The crypto – the community has offered help, but it would seem the BTC has been lost for good.

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Injects $30 Million into Crypto Firm BlockFi to Improve Cash Flow and Expand Product Lines
The series B offering was led by Valar Ventures, which is a venture capital company backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Theil. Other investors in the offering round included Winklevoss Capital, Avon Ventures, Morgan Creek Digital, CMT Digital, PJC, and Akuna Capital. New investors included Purple Arch Ventures, Arrington XRP Capital, Kenetic Capital, HashKey Capital, and Castle Island Ventures.