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Exclusive: Does Forking Mechanism Allow for a Better Blockchain Governance Model?
Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation and a long-time lawyer in the technology sector, shares his views on the crypto regulatory issues in different jurisdictions and blockchain governance. In particular, Nathan examines whether forking mechanism allows for a better blockchain governance and the reason why “blockchain governance = community governance”.

Exclusive: Liberal Society Comes with Friendly Crypto Regulations
As a veteran lawyer in technology, Nathan Kaiser of Cardano Foundation shares his insights in identifying countries with friendly crypto jurisdictions. He also examined how different jurisdictions affect both on-chain and off-chain governance.

Ex-Cambridge Analytica Employee Confident that Blockchain Can Help Protect Personal Data
Brittany Kaiser, the Cambridge Analytica scandal whistleblower discussed in an interview at the World Economic Forum that blockchain technology could be an important tool to address data protection issues.

剑桥分析公司丑闻举报者Brittany Kaiser在世界经济论坛的一次采访中讨论了区块链技术可能是解决数据保护问题的重要工具。

Blockchain Daily Digest – January 30th, 2020
Blockchain Daily Digest – January 30th, 2020

How Blockchain Can Mitigate Electoral Malpractices
For elections to be credible, they ought to be free and fair. Nevertheless, the voting process may be marred with malpractices, and this hinders transparency. Blockchain is being touted to avert electoral malpractices and voter fraud based on the distributed ledger technology (DLT) presented.

Facebook’s Libra Move to Apply for Swiss Regulator FINMA License: A Failed Permissionless Network?
Libra is moving away from its original plan of permissionless digital currency, widely accessible for the public, due to ongoing unprecedented hardship. Libra will be moving towards a coin that would be subject to foreign exchange controls and regulations.

Coronavirus Tracking and Surveillance May Have Consequences for the Protection of Personal Data Privacy
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently stated that the coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating,” as 20% of the world’s population goes into lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. People are told to stay at home as the world is entering a critical week, with over 381,761 cases confirmed around the world at the time of reporting.

Blockchain Gamer & Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong 2019
OpenSea, Blockade Games and Diginex to attend Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong 2019 this month

Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019: What to Expect for the Future of Blockchain
Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019: What to Expect for the Future of Blockchain Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 is an event held by NexChange that brought together members of the blockchain community from all over the world to gather in Hong Kong for several events during the week. The two core events were Block O2O, hosted by NexChange, which was held from March 5-6th, and Hybrid Summit, co-hosted by Hybrid Summit in collaboration with Chaineer, held on March 7th.