Cryptocurrency Description
Cryptocurrency is a new form of currency. It is securely encrypted using cryptographic techniques, which serves as the medium of exchange to record financial transactions, control the unit of issuance and verify asset transfers.
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Charles Hoskinson to Airdrop Kanye Coin and Pierce Coin to Demonstrate Cardano’s Multi-Asset Standard
With just one more day to go with the availability of participants being able to interact with the Shelley mainnet launched on June, 30; Charles Hoskinson, the founder, and CEO of Input Output (IOHK), the blockchain engineering firm behind the Cardano blockchain, took it to his “Ask me anything” (AMA) session on Youtube, addressing the recent news on the US Presidential candidates, Kanye West and Brock Pierce.
Bitcoin's Future Looks Bright as Kanye West Decides to Run for President 2020
On July 4th, Kanye West expressed his wishes to run for President in the 2020 presidential race. This is exciting news for Bitcoin, as Kanye has on several occasions expressed his support for the cryptocurrency.
Brock Pierce For President, Crypto Venture Capitalist Announces Candidacy
Brock Pierce has announced that he will be joining the presidential race in the 2020 US elections.
Jul 6: Make it or Break it?
BTC managed to close above $9k and getting bid early as Asia opens up with stocks in the region moving higher. We did see $9K getting breached twice over the weekend but bears haven't had enough strength to push for a sustained move lower.
Billionaire Investor Ray Dalio Bearish on Cash Says Central Banks Drive Economy
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio, the Founder and CIO of Bridgewater Associates asserted that since the 2008 Financial Crisis, the behavior of central banks like the Federal Reserve demonstrates that capital markets are no longer free.
Offshore Tax Invasion Continues to be Investigated by OECD
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) thinks that cryptocurrency might be the solution in preventing large scale tax evasion activities that are ongoing all over the world.
Property or Not? Bitcoin Thieves Released Because “Bitcoin is Not Property”
A Russian Court recently ruled a Bitcoin theft case as innocent, stating that Bitcoin was not considered a property. The victim sought restitution, after being robbed of 100 Bitcoins.
Bitcoin Could Follow S&P 500’s Potential Fall After Slight Bullish Trend from US Employment Report
Bitcoin showed signs of a slight bullish uptick in its first session in July and maintained a short-term positive correlation with the S&5 500. Bitcoin and stocks investors are waiting for the next big decision that could drive a new rally—whether or not the Federal Reserve would expand its stimulus operation before it expires in July.
Bitcoins Used in Facebook Scheme to Scam Suicidal Victims Into Buying Drugs
A cybercriminal ring operation has been inciting Facebook users to employ Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in exchange for drugs. This investigative report from the UK depicts the strategic techniques used to track down the unknown villains operating behind this devious scheme.
Bank of America Considers Bitcoin and Crypto Transactions to be Equivalent to Cash
Bank of America is considering Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins to be cash equivalent, and will treat crypto-related transactions as cash advances. Adjustments to the fees in that category of transactions will also be made.

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