Zcash is a typical anonymous cryptocurrency. With it, your privacy is highly protected without trace. Zcash uses 'zk-SNARK' protocol or alternatively the zero-knowledge proof. High privacy, on the other side, violates regulations on AML and KYC. Some cryptocurrency exchanges have delisted anonymous cryptocurrencies under pressure from regulators.

Zcash is Clogging up in What Looks Like a Spam Attack
The Zcash protocol might be under a spam attack as analysts pointed out on Twitter in a long discussion that started on Wednesday. Being a privacy-focused protocol, Zcash’s “Shielded Transaction” feature designed for privacy is now being misused by the attacker.
Zcash Co-founder "John Dobbertin" is Actually Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden has been revealed as one of the co-founders of Zcash, after he gave his fellow co-founder Zooko Wilcox permission to disclose his involvement.
Top 3 Cryptocurrencies To Watch This Week: BTC, DODO, ZEC
Bitcoin standing over the $61,781 mark will lead to other breakthroughs and will enable altcoins to surge. DODO and ZCash have rallied bullishly over the past week. Here's a deeper look into Bitcoin, DODO, and ZCash's price movements.
Are Zcash (ZEC) and Horizen (ZEN) Immune To The Ongoing Price Corrections?
Despite the huge loss in the crypto market today, Zcash and Horizen have come away as the top price gainers for today
ZCash Celebrates First Halving, Unveils Canopy The Network's Fifth Upgrade
ZCash has undergone its first halving at block 1,046,400 and the event coincides with the network's fifth upgrade dubbed Canopy.
Europol Cybercrime Report Identifies Monero, Zcash, Dash and Privacy Wallets as Emerging ‘Top Threats’
Europol assessed the new developments in cybercrime in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and identified certain cryptocurrency wallets as top threats.
Microsoft Takes Down COVID-19 Cyber Criminals to Eliminate "Business Email Compromise" Attacks
Scammers have been taking advantage of COVID-19 and the worldwide economic crisis revolving around it to retrieve personal information and phish data from Microsoft users.
IRS Hoping to Deanonymize Monero and ZCash Privacy Coins to Prevent Cybercrime
The Criminal Investigation Division(CID) of the IRS are actively hiring private contractors to study and analyze privacy coins, as there has quite been a lot of fraudulent activities revolving around their usage.
Bitcoins Used in Facebook Scheme to Scam Suicidal Victims Into Buying Drugs
A cybercriminal ring operation has been inciting Facebook users to employ Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in exchange for drugs. This investigative report from the UK depicts the strategic techniques used to track down the unknown villains operating behind this devious scheme.
Chainalysis Adds Compliance Support to Track Privacy Coins Dash and Zcash
Chainalysis has just launched support for two of the most popular privacy coins, Dash and Zcash. Privacy coins are cryptocurrencies with privacy-enhancing features that allow users to gain total anonymity when making blockchain transactions. Privacy coins protect the identity of the users and the origins of the transactions, taking the anonymous and private nature of Bitcoin to the next level. Comparatively, Bitcoin protects some information, hence remaining pseudo-anonymous. The rest of the information, including transactions, addresses, and balances, is recorded in a public and permanently available ledger.

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