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Hong Kong Regulators Probe Worldcoin for Privacy Risks
Hong Kong's PCPD is investigating Worldcoin, linked to OpenAI's Sam Altman, for potential privacy violations in biometric data collection methods, highlighting global privacy concerns in the crypto and blockchain industry.
Worldcoin Launches Advanced Identity Verification in Singapore
Worldcoin expands to Singapore with World ID verification, following a temporary pause in India due to high demand and regulatory scrutiny.
Worldcoin Introduces World ID 2.0: Revolutionizing Digital Identity Verification
Worldcoin's World ID 2.0 integrates with Shopify, Mercado Libre, Reddit, and Telegram, enhancing user verification and addressing digital fraud.
Five Market Makers Nearing Worldcoin (WLD) Loan Settlement Date
The five market makers involved with Worldcoin's liquidity provision are approaching the loan settlement date of October 22. The recent on-chain activities reflect different strategies among these entities, possibly in anticipation of the settlement. The actions of these market makers could influence Worldcoin's market dynamics as the date nears.
Worldcoin Faces Investigation by Germany's Regulator
The Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision has initiated an investigation into the Worldcoin crypto project, a new initiative that requires users to provide iris scans in exchange for a digital ID and potentially free cryptocurrency, according to Reuters.
Worldcoin Protocol Undergoes Comprehensive Security Audits
Worldcoin, a blockchain-based protocol that integrates both off-chain and on-chain components, a proof of humanity protocol co-founded by Sam Altman of OpenAI, recently underwent two separate security audits.
UK's ICO to Investigate OpenAI CEO's Worldcoin Project
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) announced on July 25, 2023, that it plans to initiate an investigation into Worldcoin, a project overseen by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The investigation is set to commence shortly after the announcement. ICO is the data regulator in the United Kingdom.
CoinFund: Worldcoin Could Onboard Billions of Users into the Crypto Economy
CoinFund backs Worldcoin's mission to prove digital human uniqueness, aiming to bring billions of users to the crypto economy via fair asset distribution.
Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Discusses Worldcoin's Biometric Proof of Personhood
Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin explores Worldcoin's biometric proof-of-personhood, discussing its potential value, applications, and challenges such as privacy, accessibility, and centralization.
Worldcoin Whitepaper Analysis: Revolutionizing Digital Identity and Global Finance
Worldcoin aims to establish a global "proof of personhood" system using custom biometric hardware, as outlined in its newly released whitepaper.

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