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North Korean Crypto Thefts in 2023: A $700 Million Cyber Menace
North Korean groups were linked to 33% of 2023's crypto thefts, stealing up to $700M. Their methods evolved, involving crypto mixers and converting assets to Tether or Tron, highlighting the ongoing cyber threat from DPRK.
Indonesian Police Raid Bitcoin Mining Operations Over $1 Million Electricity Theft
Indonesian police have closed 10 illegal Bitcoin mining operations, detained 26 individuals, and confiscated over 1,300 mining rigs, stealing nearly $1 million worth of electricity.
North Korea's Cyber Onslaught on Cryptocurrency: A $3 Billion Digital Heist
North Korea has escalated cyber attacks on cryptocurrency since 2017, stealing over $3 billion and stealing $1.7 billion in 2022, posing a serious threat to the country's economy and military budget.
Nigerian Police Arrest Politician Wilfred Bonse for Involvement in Patricia Technologies Financial Fraud
Nigeria Police Force arrests politician Wilfred Bonse for over 200 million Naira financial fraud at Patricia Technologies, three for romance scam, and USDT recovery in cryptocurrency fraud.
Coin Cloud Customer Data and Source Code Allegedly Stolen
Coin Cloud, a cryptocurrency ATM provider, has suffered a data breach involving 70,000 customer selfies and 300,000 PII stolen, highlighting the need for improved security measures in the cryptocurrency sector.
$27M USDT Theft Linked to Binance Deployer Address
A 27 million USDT cryptocurrency theft, linked to Binance's deployer, has raised security concerns and highlighted the risks of cryptocurrency holdings and recovery challenges.
Fraudulent Ledger Live App in Microsoft Store Linked to $768K Cryptocurrency Theft
A fake Ledger Live app on Microsoft's App Store stole nearly $768K from the crypto community, involving Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions, raising concerns over app verification processes.
Former US Secret Service Officer Warns of FTX Customer Targeting Risk
Former US Secret Service officer Jeremy Sheridan has cautioned that the release of personal information of FTX customers could make them potential targets for identity and asset theft. Sheridan supported a motion from FTX debtors to withhold the confidential information of customers associated with the failed crypto exchange.
Unidentified Exploit Steals Over $10.5 Million in NFTs and Coins
An unidentified exploit has drained over $10.5 million in NFTs and coins from experienced crypto community members since December 2022. The exploit targets keys created from 2014 to 2022 and those who are "crypto native," with multiple addresses and work within the space. Crypto veterans are advised to use a hardware wallet or migrate their funds to safeguard their digital assets.
Hackers Steal $500,000 Worth of Tokens from Arbitrum Airdrop
Hackers have reportedly stolen $500,000 worth of tokens from Arbitrum’s airdrop by using vanity addresses to redirect the airdropped tokens to their own addresses. The use of vanity addresses to claim crypto assets has been known to compromise the security of users’ private keys, making it easier for hackers to steal crypto assets.

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