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Taplio is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance personal branding on LinkedIn. It assists in content creation, scheduling posts, engaging with leads, and analyzing LinkedIn statistics. Taplio is notable for its use of GPT-4 AI, providing users with a range of functionalities like generating content ideas, completing or improving posts, creating LinkedIn carousels, and offering personalized post suggestions. Additionally, Taplio includes features for efficient content scheduling, lead generation, and engagement, alongside comprehensive LinkedIn analytics to track progress. It's targeted towards professionals, marketers, and agencies aiming to grow their presence on LinkedIn.

What is Resume Worded?
Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform that enhances job seekers' resumes and LinkedIn profiles, scoring them based on recruiter and hiring manager criteria, and generating job leads.
Congressional Memo Challenges SEC's SAB 121
Congress members question the enforceability of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Staff Accounting Bulletin 121, arguing it deviates from standard accounting practices, misrepresents custodians' responsibilities, and increases consumer risk.
SEC Extends Review Period for ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF
The SEC has postponed its decision on the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF till January 10, 2024, marking another delay in the approval process. Amid broader calls for swifter approvals, the SEC's meticulous review approach underscores the regulatory cautiousness enveloping cryptocurrency-based financial offerings.
US Bank Regulators Confess Mistakes
US bank regulators have admitted to errors in supervision after high-profile bank failures, with the New York Department of Financial Services publishing its review of Signature Bank and the US Federal Reserve Board releasing its review of Silicon Valley Bank.
Gemini Launches Insurance Company Resulting in the Highest Custody Insurance Coverage in the Crypto Market
Gemini exchange excitedly announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency insurance company which turned out to be regarded as the most crypto custody with the widest coverage at the moment. Named Nakamoto, Ltd.

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