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Worldcoin Introduces World ID 2.0: Revolutionizing Digital Identity Verification
Worldcoin's World ID 2.0 integrates with Shopify, Mercado Libre, Reddit, and Telegram, enhancing user verification and addressing digital fraud.
Reddit to Discontinue Blockchain-Based Community Points Program
Reddit is discontinuing its blockchain-based Community Points program due to scalability issues, moving towards more scalable rewards programs. Despite initial promise, high transaction fees and bandwidth limitations on Ethereum led to a transition to Arbitrum Nova in 2022. However, scaling challenges persisted, prompting the phase-out by early November 2021. The termination caused a significant drop in associated token values. Reddit now focuses on other community incentive programs like the Moderator Rewards Program and the Contributor Program.
Reddit Avatars on Polygon Blockchain
Reddit has launched the third generation of its blockchain-based digital collectibles, Reddit Avatars, on the Polygon blockchain. The release has generated excitement and predictions of quick sellouts, but some users have criticized the payment process.
Alexis Ohanian bought 50000 ETH
Ohanian founded 776 Venture Capital using his early ETH and Coinbase investments.
Reddit Community Points Ready for Ethereum Mainnet through Off-Chain Labs
Off-Chain Labs has announced that it has been selected to help bring the Community Points (CP) initiative of the Reddit social media network onto the Ethereum Mainnet.
Reddit Launches New NFT Avatar Marketplace
Reddit has partnered with Polygon blockchain to enable the launch of the new NTF marketplace. The popular social media platform is capitalizing on NFTs to propel its growth.
Reddit Might Gear up for NFT-Based Profile Pictures for Users
Following in the footsteps of Twitter, Reddit is eyeing to permit users to have NFT-based profile pictures through a feature that is being tested.
Reddit Intends to Tokenize Karma Points and Onboard Half a Million Users to Web3
Reddit reportedly plans to decentralize social media, with its latest plans being to tokenize Karma Points using the Ethereum blockchain.
Reddit Wants to Develop NFT Platform, New Job Listing Revelas
Reddit recently posted a job offering indicating that it wants to hire a senior engineer with experience in designing, developing, and maintaining an NFT platform.
GameStop, Dogecoin and Crypto: Making Sense of The Wild Current Financial News
I have been watching the exploits of the rag-tag group of Reddit traders who have upended Wall Street's status quo. As an investor, the absurdity of both Wall Street and Reddit is apparent. I will continue to support open and decentralized platforms like Bitcoin. Here is my take on where we go from here.

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