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South Korea Intensifies Measures Against Unlicensed Crypto Exchanges
South Korea's financial regulators are urging public disclosure of unlicensed crypto exchanges, as part of their efforts to regulate the digital asset market and safeguard investors.
HashKey Launches as HK's First Licensed Retail Crypto Exchange, Begins BTC and ETH Trading
HashKey Exchange, Hong Kong's first licensed retail virtual asset exchange, launched on 28 August 2023, offering direct bank transfers in USD and HKD, initial fiat trading pairs, and strict compliance with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.
US Prosecutors Seek Lengthy Sentence for Crypto Shadow Bank Executive
US prosecutors seek a sentence of at least 7 years imprisonment for Reginald Fowler, a former minority owner of the Minnesota Vikings NFL team, over his alleged involvement in shadow banking practices through Crypto Capital Corp, an alleged crypto shadow bank. Fowler is accused of acting as an unlicensed money transmitter and deceiving financial institutions through Global Trading Solutions (GTS), a firm he established under Crypto Capital in 2018. GTS and Crypto Capital are alleged to have processed approximately $750 million in cryptocurrency transactions, providing unlicensed crypto firms with unlawful access to the U.S. banking system.
Bitcoin of America indicted for operating unlicensed kiosks
Bitcoin of America, a Bitcoin technology firm, along with three of its executives, has been indicted for allegedly operating more than 50 unlicensed crypto kiosks in Ohio that knowingly benefited from victims of cryptocurrency scams. The firm is facing charges of money laundering, conspiracy, and other crimes connected to the operation of the kiosks, which authorities believe have been operating and evading regulatory safeguards and financial compliance requirements since 2018.

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