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Taiko Raises US$37M from Top-tier VCs Ahead Of Mainnet Launch
Taiko has successfully raised US$37 million in a funding round led by top-tier venture capital firms, positioning the company for its upcoming mainnet launch. The investment highlights the growing interest and confidence in Taiko's innovative blockchain solutions.
Portal Debuts on Binance Launchpool for BNB and FDUSD Farming
Binance Launchpool has added cross-chain gaming startup Portal for a new farming event. Users can earn PORTAL tokens by staking BNB and FDUSD over 7 days starting February 22nd. PORTAL will then list on Binance against major trading pairs.
Binance to Launche Pixels (PIXEL) on Launchpool
Binance announces the launch of Pixels (PIXEL) on its Launchpool, a social web3 game on the Ronin Network, offering BNB and FDUSD holders a unique opportunity to farm PIXEL tokens before its trading debut.
TrueUSD Depegging Linked to Binance Launchpool Activities
TrueUSD (TUSD) depegged below its $1 parity, dropping to $0.97, amid significant selling on Binance and issues with real-time reserve attestations. The depegging was linked to activities on Binance Launchpool and raises questions about stablecoin stability and transparency.
Uniswap Expands Mobile Footprint with Android Wallet Launch
Uniswap has launched a beta version of its mobile wallet for Android on October 12, following the successful iOS app release in April. The Android wallet facilitates easier swaps on various chains without manual network switching, offers robust swap protection against frontrunning, and ensures a transparent fee structure for its users. The launch, part of a broader trend among decentralized exchanges, signifies the growing emphasis on mobile platforms in DeFi.
Immutable's zkEVM Marches Towards Mainnet with a Series of Milestones
Immutable progresses towards the Mainnet launch of its zkEVM, underpinned by a series of strategic milestones and a growing gaming ecosystem. The journey encompasses a testnet launch, re-genesis, the imminent mainnet release, and future dedicated app chains and prover integration, setting the stage for a robust gaming arena on the Ethereum blockchain.
Ethereum's ACDE 171 Paves Way for Devnet Launches and Private ETH Transfers
The Ethereum developer community discussed various updates in the 171st ACDE meeting held on September 28, 2023. Key topics included the launch of Dencun devnets, EIP-4788 contract bytecode audits, the re-launch of Holesky, a new proposal for private ETH transfers (EIP-7503), and a small amendment to EIP-6780 concerning the SELFDESTRUCT operation. These discussions indicate a proactive approach towards enhancing Ethereum's network ahead of the next ACDE meeting on October 12.
Decentralized Exchange dYdX Proposes $20M Incentive Program for v4 Launch
Chaos Labs proposes a $20M, 6-month Launch Incentives Program for the transition to dYdX v4. The initiative aims to facilitate user and volume migration to the new dYdX Chain, with a robust pre-launch and post-launch strategy. Governance proposals will guide the distribution of DYDX rewards, maintaining transparency and community oversight throughout the program.
Binance's New Blockchain Platform Aims to Build Web3 Infrastructure
BNB Chain stores storage metadata, while third-party storage providers store data.
Oasys Gaming Protocol Unveils Plans for Mainnet Launch in Three Phases
Oasys gaming protocol has unveiled the three phases for its mainnet launch

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