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EU Court Upholds Privacy in Encrypted Messaging Ruling
The European Court of Human Rights has upheld privacy and freedom of expression, rejecting backdoor demands in encrypted messaging services, highlighting potential security risks.
European Commission Takes Aim at AI-Generated Disinformation Ahead of Elections
The European Commission mandates major tech platforms to detect AI-generated content to shield European elections from misinformation, highlighting a robust approach towards maintaining democratic integrity.
Dutch Government Invests Heavily in AI to Compete Globally
The Dutch government has allocated €204.5 million ($222.07 million) for AI development, signaling a robust commitment to advancing the Netherlands' position in the global AI landscape and adhering to the EU's AI Act.
Microsoft's OpenAI Investment Faces EU Merger Regulation Scrutiny
The European Commission is investigating Microsoft's investment in OpenAI, a significant partnership since 2019, under the EU Merger Regulation, as part of a larger plan to control tech giants' influence in the AI field, focusing on potential anti-competitive impacts.
Decline in Cryptocurrency ATMs in 2023: A Global Perspective
In 2023, the global number of Bitcoin ATMs decreased by 11.1%, marking the first decline in a decade, with the U.S. being the largest host, contrasting with growth in the EU and other regions.
Greece Establishes High-Level Advisory Committee for Artificial Intelligence Strategy
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the formation of a High-Level Advisory Committee for AI on October 19, 2023. Led by MIT Professor Constantinos Daskalakis, the committee aims to prepare Greece for the rapid advancements in AI and their applications. The committee will focus on long-term national strategy, including policy development and guidelines, in key areas such as economy, society, and innovation.
Kraken Amplifies European Footprint with BCM Acquisition
US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, has announced its plan to acquire Dutch crypto broker BCM as part of its European expansion strategy. This move aligns with the new MiCA regulatory framework, promoting a favorable investment climate in the region. The acquisition will enhance Kraken's service offerings and market position in the Netherlands.
Google Assistant to Integrate Bard AI for Enhanced Capabilities
Google Assistant is set to integrate with Google's Bard AI to offer enhanced functionalities. The integration will allow Google Assistant to perform complex tasks like planning vacations and sorting emails. Although the feature is still under testing, it marks Google's aggressive efforts to compete in the AI space.
Breaking: Binance Sells Russian Operations to CommEX, Exits Market
Binance has announced the sale of its entire Russia business to CommEX, citing compliance issues as the primary reason for the exit. The transition process for existing Russian users is expected to take up to one year, with no financial strings attached to the deal for Binance.
Kraken Secures E-Money License in EU, Expands Virtual Asset Services in Spain
Kraken, a San Francisco-based crypto platform, has secured an E-Money Institution license from the Central Bank of Ireland and registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Spain. These moves are part of Kraken's strategy to expand its European operations.

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