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Crypto Lending Firm Delio Faces Regulatory Sanctions for Compliance Failures in South Korea
South Korean crypto asset management firm Delio has been fined KRW 1.896 billion and suspended for three months by the Financial Services Commission's Financial Intelligence Unit due to non-compliance with financial transaction laws.
Seoul Prosecutors Probe Crypto Fraud at Delio, Haru, Pica, and WeMade
Seoul's prosecutors probe alleged crypto fraud at Delio, Haru Invest, Pica Project, and WeMade. The joint investigation team aims to expedite the processing of these high-profile cases.
Crypto Lending Platform Sandbank Temporarily Suspends New Deposits and Investment Features in Response to Crypto Market Challenges
Sandbank, a leading crypto lending and investment platform, has announced its temporary suspension of new deposits and investment features in response to the challenges and uncertainties prevailing in the crypto market.

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