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Taplio is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance personal branding on LinkedIn. It assists in content creation, scheduling posts, engaging with leads, and analyzing LinkedIn statistics. Taplio is notable for its use of GPT-4 AI, providing users with a range of functionalities like generating content ideas, completing or improving posts, creating LinkedIn carousels, and offering personalized post suggestions. Additionally, Taplio includes features for efficient content scheduling, lead generation, and engagement, alongside comprehensive LinkedIn analytics to track progress. It's targeted towards professionals, marketers, and agencies aiming to grow their presence on LinkedIn.

Friend.Tech Boosts Security with CoolWallet on Base Chain, a decentralized social network on Base's Ethereum layer-2 chain, has seen rapid growth but also faces security risks from phishing attacks. To address this, CoolWallet has launched a Web3 Guardian competition to promote its Web3 SmartScan feature, which screens transactions for malicious behavior.

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