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Taplio is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance personal branding on LinkedIn. It assists in content creation, scheduling posts, engaging with leads, and analyzing LinkedIn statistics. Taplio is notable for its use of GPT-4 AI, providing users with a range of functionalities like generating content ideas, completing or improving posts, creating LinkedIn carousels, and offering personalized post suggestions. Additionally, Taplio includes features for efficient content scheduling, lead generation, and engagement, alongside comprehensive LinkedIn analytics to track progress. It's targeted towards professionals, marketers, and agencies aiming to grow their presence on LinkedIn.

Stellar (XLM) Development Foundation Delays Protocol 20 Upgrade Due to Core Bug
The Stellar Development Foundation has postponed the vote on Protocol 20, initially set for January 30, following the discovery of a bug in Stellar Core v20.1.0. The decision was made to ensure ecosystem readiness and broad consensus, with the new vote date to be determined after the bug fix release, expected within the next two weeks.
Solana Foundation Offers $400k Bounty for Critical Code Discovery
Jacob Creech announces a $400k bounty for discovering code that can halt Solana network, part of Solana Foundation's endeavor to ensure robust network security.
dYdX Chain Audit Reveals Zero Critical Issues, Confirms Informal Systems
dYdX, a leading decentralized exchange platform, has cleared a comprehensive security audit by Informal Systems. The news was shared on the official dYdX Twitter account and reposted by founder Antonio, reinforcing the platform's commitment to user security and fund safety.
Mixin Network Urges Hacker to Return Funds, Offers $20M Bug Bounty
Mixin Network, compromised in a $200 million hack, has directly communicated with the hacker, offering a $20M bug bounty for the return of stolen assets. The transaction was confirmed on Ethereum block 18225451. Investigations by cybersecurity firms are ongoing, and the incident has led to debates about security measures in the crypto ecosystem.
Uniswap Labs Announces Bug Bounty Program with Rewards Up to 2.25 Million USDC
Uniswap Labs has launched a Bug Bounty Program to encourage ethical hackers and security researchers to report vulnerabilities in its contracts. Successful disclosures can earn rewards of up to 2,250,000 USDC, targeting Universal Router Contract Code, Permit2 Contract Code, V3 Contract Code, and UniswapX Contract Code.
Trust Wallet Discloses Security Flaw Resulting in $170k Loss
Crypto wallet Trust Wallet has reported a security vulnerability, resulting in almost $170k in losses for some users. The vulnerability has been fixed after Trust Wallet found out about it through its bug bounty program.
OpenAI Launches Bug Bounty Program
OpenAI has launched a bug bounty program to address privacy and cybersecurity issues, inviting security researchers and ethical hackers to identify and address vulnerabilities in its systems. The program offers cash rewards ranging from $200 to $20,000 for qualifying vulnerability information.
Twitter disables actions on tweets with Substack links
Twitter users are unable to interact with tweets containing links to Substack pages, receiving error messages that some actions on the tweet have been disabled by Twitter. It is unclear whether this is a bug or an intended feature. The problem arose around the same time that Twitter cut off the ability for Substack users to embed tweets in their posts. This issue comes after recent mysterious changes to Twitter, and the announcement of Substack's "Notes" application, which is seen as competition to Twitter.
Twitter Disables Interactions with Substack Links
Twitter users were unable to interact with tweets containing Substack links on April 7, receiving an error message or encountering issues with registering their interactions. It is unclear whether the issue is a bug or an intended feature. The problem began around the same time as Twitter cutting off the ability for Substack users to embed tweets. This comes as Substack announced a Twitter-like posting application, potentially competing with the social media platform.
ImmuneFi Launches Whitehat Leaderboard to Incentivize Web3 Hackers
Bug bounty platform ImmuneFi now has a Leaderboard to rank the tip whitehats in Web3

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