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Ben Goertzel



Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, which claimed to "lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale". Ben Goertzel described SingularityNET as” the project as a medium for the creation and the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as well as a way to roll out AI-as-a-service to every vertical market and enable everyone in the world to contribute to and benefit from AI. He is chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society, advisor to Singularity University, etc.

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Dr. Ben Goertzel—Striving towards an Autonomous Decentralized and Compassionate Artificial Super Intelligence
Dr Ben Goertzel is the founder and CEO of SingularityNET a blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence marketplace project. He has described the project as a medium for the creation and the emergence of the global super brain–an autonomous decentralized democratically governed artificial super intelligent network that must be biased toward compassion for the betterment of humanity.

Dr. Ben Goertzel—Creating an AI Marketplace for Paypal’s 286 Million Users
In this second part, we discuss SingularityNET recent projects and collaborations with Toda Network, PICC Services and PayPal.

Blockshow 2019: Todalarity Decentralizing the Global AI Synergy
At the Blockshow 2019, Dr Ben Goertzel and Toufi Saliba discuss the union of SingularityNET and the Toda.Network—Todalarity—which will be at the core of the emerging global brain. Todalarity is essentially a product accelerator that aims to help new AI startups to integrate their products into the TODA and SingularityNET blockchain ecosystems.

独家专访 | SingularityNET创始人,美国通用人工智能会议主席:当人工智能遇到区块链,是不是人类的自我救赎?
Ben Goertzel博士是SingularityNET的创始人兼首席执行官,SingularityNET是一个基于去中心化区块链的人工智能(AI)市场项目。他将这个项目描述为创建和出现人工智能(AGI)的媒介,以及将卓越的人工智能即服务推广到每个垂直市场并使世界上每个人都为之贡献的一种方式。并从人工智能中受益。

Unilever to Use Blockchain for Transparency and Traceability to Achieve Deforestation-Free Supply Chain by 2023
Unilever, the consumer goods company that owns brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Vaseline, Knorr, and other well-known brands, has announced that it will be leveraging blockchain to tackle deforestation.

CHAIN2020 launches a series of educational conferences supporting Blockchain & FinTech initiatives in Asia and provides an opportunity for curious and intrepid individuals to engage in innovative conversations about the future of humans and technology.

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit looks to shape the future
SiGMA Group has announced that the winter edition of Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit will take place 7th to 8th November 2019, at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre, St Julian’s, Malta, marking the second event in 2019 for the successful expo.

SingularityNET Announces the Successful Integration of PayPal Payments in its Decentralized Beta Marketplace
The SingularityNET Foundation, the leader in decentralized AI technology, announces today the successful integration of PayPal payments into their blockchain-based artificial intelligence marketplace.

Bitcoin Billionaires Movie to Tell the Winklevoss Twins’ Story
The Winklevoss brothers have teamed up with Stampede Ventures to bring their best-selling biography, ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ to the big screen.

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Resigns, Following Criminal Charges by CFTC and DoJ
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has stepped down from his position, alongside Samuel Reed, the company's CTO.

California Crypto Bill Seeks to Measure the Consumer Impact of Digital Assets
California’s Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee has unanimously passed Assembly Bill 2150 which will help define digital assets as well as to measure its potential impact on the state and consumers

Bitcoin on Showtime: Winklevoss Biographer Writes BTC Mining Plot for Billions
Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series Billions featured a cryptocurrency mining scheme being executed in a prep school.