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Adam White, COO of Bakkt, began his journey in the crypto world when he joined Coinbase six years ago.

Adam White, COO of Bakkt on the Custody Offerings and Future Roadmap
Adam White, COO, Bakkt began his journey in the crypto world when he joined Coinbase six years ago, much to the dismay of his family and friends who believed has was throwing away his Harvard education on a pseudo-market.

First Physical Bitcoin Futures is Coming? Bakkt Will Begin Testing on 22 July!
The first physical Bitcoin (BTC) futures is coming? The Intercontinental Exchange’s pending bitcoin platform Bakkt recently announced user acceptance testing (UAT) on BTC futures on 22 July. The UAT includes the listing and trading of BTC futures at ICE Future U.S. and clearing at ICE Clear US, as written by the COO of Bakkt, Adam White on 13 June.

NexChange Interview Series – Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass, Part 2
“You can spend a tremendous amount of time and effort on building regulations, but you are actually looking into the rear-view mirror, as the industry has already moved on.” Sign up for Block O2O event “STO: Blockchain Powered Next-level Fintech” on Nov 5th 2019 and get to listen to Adam and Blockpass team’s vision of STO operational hurdles and solution – in person!

White House Cracks Down on Cryptos Used for Purchasing Illicit Drugs
The White House issued two advisories on illicit drug purchases in the United States on Wednesday, referencing the role of cryptocurrencies allegedly used in these transactions.

“New FATF regulations will bite next year” NexChange Interview Series with Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass, Part 1
Sign up for Block O2O event “STO: Blockchain Powered Next-level Fintech” on Nov 5th 2019 and get to listen to Adam and Blockpass team’s vision of STO operational hurdles and solution – in person!

(White paper) Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
bitcoin whitepaper

White House Budget Urges Legislation to Return Secret Service to Treasury Due to Crypto Crime Surge
Cryptocurrencies, and other technological advancements, projected as a threat to the international financial marketplace, the department believes has contributed to more groups of criminal organizations and more links between financial and electronic crimes combined.

The Chainsmokers are Cutting Out Scalpers by Backing Blockchain-Based Ticketing Platform
The Chainsmokers, and their manager Adam Alpert, CEO at Disruptor Records are backing YellowHeart, a new ticketing platform founded by Josh Katz, a music executive.

Decrypt: Most Whitepapers are Full of Scams
According to Decrypt’s Investigation published on 22 April, many startups had been accused by White paper writers to “constantly required to fabricate and exaggerate facts”.

Bakkt Launches Two New Regulated Trading Products Ahead of Schedule
Bakkt launched its market for physically-settled Bitcoin futures in September this year, just launched its Options tied to its Bitcoin futures today.

Ternio Research Finds Blockchain-Affiliated Companies Are Employing Over 86,000 People
Ternio, a leading white-label technology company, has revealed the findings of a new study dubbed “The State of Crypto Entrepreneurship 2019.” It was, therefore, estimated that crypto/blockchain organizations employ 86,443 people across the globe.

Consensys Report: CBDC are Risk-Free Compared to Facebook Libra
In a recent white paper entitled Central Banks and the Future of Digital Money—Consensys offers an insightful and practical overview of the potential and risks of CBDC. The research paper also offers an example of how the Ethereum blockchain can be leveraged to design and build a CBDC and takes a deep dive into what the practical implementation of a CBDC would require.

ASIFMA: Tokenized Securities Might Bridge the Current Mainstream Finance with the New Digital World
ASIFMA (the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Associations) has availed a new white paper that reveals a roadmap for regulators and market participants on tokenized securities.

PwC: Crypto M&A and Fundraising in Asia Reports Major Growth
PwC previewed its latest white paper—PwC Global Crypto M&A and Fundraising Report—last Thursday at CoinDesk’s Invest: Asia event. This is the first report by PwC on the broader crypto ecosystem, but the firm will continue to publish updates twice a year moving forward.

Blockstack Breaks New Ground with Proof of Transfer (PoX) Consensus Mechanism, like PoS Without the Risk
Blockstack recently released a white paper for a new blockchain consensus mechanism called Proof of Transfer (PoX). The mechanism is for blockchains piggybacking off the Bitcoin blockchain or other PoW networks, and would require miners to commit BTC to secure the block rather than proof of work.

The Chainsmokers与区块链票务合作 打击黄牛问题
The Chainsmokers及其经纪人兼Disruptor Records行政总裁Adam Alpert支持YellowHeart。 YellowHeart是一个由音乐执行总监Josh Katz创建的新票务平台。

The First Pocket Gamer and Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong Wows the Crowds
The temperature outside may have been in the high 30s, but that was nothing compared to the white-hot talks and meetings taking place inside Hong Kong’s awesome Cyberport venue on 17-18 July, at Steel Media’s inaugural Blockchain Gamer Connects and Pocket Gamer Connects in East Asia.

Crypto Market Update: 22 July 2019
Weekly Market Update

Upwork Listed Cryptocurrency Affiliated Gigs as the Highest Paying for Freelancers
growing attention towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the fin-tech space, it is therefore not surprising to see that executives of tech companies and startups are on the lookout for persons with the slightest familiarity/ understanding with the operations of Blockchain

"Denationalization of Money: The Argument Refined"
"The Denationalization of Money" - Vision Becoming a Reality

First-Ever Real Estate Blockchain Portal Set to Launch in the UK
OpenBricks is eyeing to be the world's first blockchain-based portal as it won’t have any centralized authority, as well as many staff because it will thrive on agents’ own servers using a distributed ledger network.

First Crypto-Native Bank to be Launched in the United States by Former Wall Street Executive
Former Wall Street executive and blockchain laws advocate Caitlin Long has seized the opportunity to establish the first crypto-native bank in the United States. This opportunity came as an advantage as the Wyoming legislature has been progressive, and Long previously helped Wyoming to enact thirteen blockchain-enabling laws.

Blockchain Daily Digest – October 22nd, 2019
Blockchain.News : Daily Digest October 22nd, 2019

Red Cross to Help Disaster-Riddled Communities in Kenya via Blockchain
Red Cross is eyeing to use blockchain-backed “local currencies” to help revitalize poor communities and establish a thriving economy on the foundation of smooth trades. As a result, the Red Cross societies of Kenya, Norway, Denmark, will be partnering to steer this initiative.

Weekly Market Snapshot - June 17,2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!