What is Cardano?
Cardano is a fully open-source decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project built by blockchain engineering firm, Input Output (IOHK). The platform maintains operations for its ADA cryptocurrency, and is multilayered, which gives the system the elasticity to be easily maintained and upgraded with a soft fork. Cardano uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) system, which allows for greater scalability and reduces electricity requirements. Cardano is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and takes a research-first driven approach. Cardano describes itself as a third-generation blockchain platform, aiming to significantly improve shortcomings of the first generation, Bitcoin, and the second generation, Ethereum, including smart contracts. Please see below for Cardano news, Cardano ADA price predictions, and more.

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Cardano Integrated into University of Zurich’s 2021 Blockchain Curriculum
The University of Zurich has announced that a course on Cardano will be integrated into their 2021 Blockchain Curriculum.
Cardano's ADA Soars by 18% and Hits New All-Time High - What's Next?
Cardano has achieved a major breakthrough of 18.05% in the past 24 hours and plans to achieve more and set a new all-time high of 1.55 today.
Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis - March 31, 2021
Cardano will achieve another milestone through the upcoming Alonzo Hard Fork-creating an entire ecosystem of Defi projects centered on Cardano.
Cardano(ADA) Price Analysis – March 25,2021
With the fall of Bitcoin, Cardano (ADA), as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $35,514,244,744, has also undergone a retracement.
Cardano (ADA) Spikes by 20% as Coinbase Pro Adds Support for ADA on its Platform
Cardano (ADA) will be made available on Coinbase Pro starting March 18, at 9 am Pacific Time.
Is Cardano (ADA)'s Addition to the Bloomberg Terminal a Bullish Signal?
On March 15, Cardano was added to the Bloomberg terminal list of support assets.
Cardano (ADA) and NEM(XEM) Price Analysis – March 10,2021
Despite the crypto market being generally bullish at the moment, altcoins have differed in their performances. Cardano (ADA) and NEM (XEM) for example, have had completely different trajectories.
Bitcoin Outperforms Ethereum and Cardano as the Crypto Market Recovers
As the top three cryptocurrencies continue on their recovery, Bitcoin appears to be showing more impressive momentum than ETH and ADA.
Anticipation for Cardano’s Mary Upgrade Grows as It Is Hours from Launching – Here’s What You Need to Know
Cardano’s blockchain upgrade, dubbed Mary, is set to go live today at 21:44 UTC.
Cardano Hits New ATH Over Weekend, How will the Mary Hard Fork Affect ADA Price?
Cardano’s price traded at a new all-time high over the weekend at $1.48 before correcting lower. What's next for the ADA price following the Mary hard fork?

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