The Bank of Japan is the central bank of Japan whose objective is "to issue banknotes and to carry out currency and monetary control" and "to ensure smooth settlement of funds among banks and other financial institutions, thereby contributing to the maintenance of the stability of the financial system.".

Bank of Japan will test digital yen with three megabanks
Bank of Japan is working with three megabanks and regional banks to issue CBDCs. The pilot will test the issue of Japan's digital yen in 2023. 2026 ruling on digital currency.
Three Major Central Banks Play a Pivotal Role in Bitcoin Adoption
Market analyst Holger Zschaepitz believes that the big three central banks, namely the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Bank of Japan (BoJ), and the European Central Bank (ECB), have been instrumental in Bitcoin adoption.
BOJ Governor: Japan Should Prepare "Thoroughly" for the Issuance of its Digital Currency
Haruhiko Kuroda, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) governor, has highlighted the need for the nation’s central bank to prepare thoroughly for the rollout of its digital currency with initial experiments expected for this spring.
Over 30 Japanese Firms to Conduct Digital Yen Pilot Test
Major Japanese companies from various sectors will collaborate to engage in a pilot test to issue a private digital currency or Digital Yen.
Japan May Take Several Years To Issue a CBDC says Former BoJ Executive
Hiromi Yamaoka, a former executive of the Bank of Japan believes the central bank will need several more years before it can issue its proposed CBDC.
Bank of Japan Wants to Hear From Public About Digital Yen Development
The head of Bank of Japan (BOJ)’s payments and settlement systems department, recently said that the Central Bank was seeking public opinion on the digital yen.
CBDC Project will Help Enhance Japan's "Settlement System," Says Bank of Japan Executive
Bank of Japan's Kazushige Kamiyama has revealed that the country’s proposed central bank digital currency will enhance the country’s settlement system.
Bank of Japan to Launch CBDC Proof-of-Concept in 2021
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) has revealed its plan to kick start an early proof-of-concept on the issuance of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) next year.
How Far Away is Japan’s CBDC? Bank of Japan Meets with Monetary Authorities on Potential Digital Yen Issuance
Japan’s Monetary Authorities Get Serious About CBDC Research and Roll Out

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