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This is the characteristic of being unable to be altered or changed in any way. Data written on the blockchain are immutable since it is impossible for any entity to modify or delete the data once it has been created.

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3 Ways Blockchain is Transforming Cybersecurity
Blockchain technology ensures that data is stored in immutable distributed ledgers and it can be instrumental in enhancing cybersecurity by averting DDoS attacks, authenticating downloads, and offering consensus mechanisms.

International Chamber of Commerce to Deploy Blockchain-Powered App for Tamper-Proof COVID-19 Compliance Status
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has inked a partnership with International SOS, the globe’s biggest medical and travel security services firm, to establish a new blockchain-enabled mobile app dubbed ICC AOKpass. It will be instrumental in providing trusted and immutable recognition of persons’ COVID-19 compliance status.

Google Integrates Blockchain Technology to Root Out Fraudulent Actors
Google claimed that they started integrating blockchain technology into their exchange is security theater, since they would essentially write themselves out of the deal between advertisers and publishers if Google were to create an immutable, open, distributed public ledger for its exchange.

How Blockchain is Prompting Innovations in Waste Management
Blockchain can come in handy in the realization of efficient waste management measures through the creation of a trustworthy, transparent, and immutable supply chain network for a plethora of different records. This technology can aid in the digital tracking of information, allowing an in-depth analysis of supply chains.

MintDice—Rolling the Dice on Trust
MintDice is an online cryptocurrency casino that leverages the immutable trust-machine Blockchain. No, blockchain does not magically turn losers into winners or improve their odds, but players on the site will be able to know for certain that the odds didn’t change mid-spin, the game was played properly, and the stakes were real on both ends.

Allied Market Research: Blockchain Identity Management Will be a $11.46 Billion Market by 2026
Allied Market Research, a US-based research and advisory company, has reported that the worldwide blockchain identity management sector will escalate to $11.46 billion by 2026 from $107 million recorded in 2018. This will represent a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 79.2% because blockchain is touted to offer an immutable, interoperable, and unified infrastructure needed in the storage of digital identities.

India’s Telangana State to Stamp Out Fake Academic Certificates via Blockchain
Following concerns raised by the US Embassy that some employees and students were applying for visas using fake academic certificates, the Indian state of Telangana has made a broad move of addressing this menace through blockchain technology.

South Africa Pioneers Blockchain-Enabled Property Register Pilot Project
The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) has teamed up with Seso Global, a blockchain property registry company, to develop the first-ever blockchain-powered property register in South Africa.

Global UAE Bank Building Blockchain Architecture for Federated and Sovereign Digital Identity
A global UAE bank is creating a federated and sovereign blockchain architecture for digital identity via HashCash Consultants, to propel its financial and banking operations and prepare for the future of finance.

Etherscan Made 100% Inaccessible by China's Great Firewall, one of the most widely used Ethereum block explorers, was found to be inaccessible from IP addresses inside of mainland China. According to the tests performed locally, the country’s Great Firewall, which is used by the government to regulate citizens’ access to foreign internet sites has blocked the Ethereum blockchain data site.

Blockchain-Powered Cross-Border B2B Transactions to Surpass $4.4 Trillion by 2024
According to Juniper Research, blockchain-enabled B2B cross-border payments will be more than $4.4 trillion by 2024. This will be a substantial rise from the current $171 billion.

Communist Party of China: Members Can Show Allegiance Through Blockchain
The Communist Party of China is offering a new app, whereby members will be in a position to show their loyalty by noting down the reasons for joining. The answers will be stored on a perpetual distributed ledger.