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An exchange is usually a place where users can gain access to markets for the purpose of buying or selling financial instruments. The purpose of exchanges are to ensure that trades take place in an orderly and efficient manner and to provide price information regarding available financial instruments.

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Swiss SIX Exchange Launches Bitcoin and Ether Exchange-Traded Product
Fintech firm, Amun and crypto custodian Bitcoin Suisse and announced today of the launch of its Swiss Franc denominated Amun Bitcoin Suisse BTC/ETH exchange-traded product (ETP). This ETP, a combination of Bitcoin and Ether, has gone live on the Swiss stock exchange, SIX. Exchange Collaborates With Changelly For Seamless Crypto Swaps
Changelly cryptocurrency exchange platform partneres with Exchange, a new cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto market to ensure that customers enjoy seamless swapping of cryptocurrencies

Canadian Crypto Exchange Shuts Down to Protect Customers
In Vancouver, Canada, another cryptocurrency exchange has closed down. This is not the first Canadian based Exchange to encounter problems, with some users losing everything last year when another exchange lost access to private keys.

Stealth Now Live on Altilly Crypto Exchange
The CEO of Altilly, Nayiem Willem announced on Oct.10, “we’re pleased to have Stealth (XST) join our exchange platform.”

Crypto Exchange Huobi Plans to Reverse IPO in Hong Kong
Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has reportedly been planning a reverse initial public offering (IPO) according to a document revealed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

Line’s Singapore Crypto Exchange Relaunched as US-based Bitfront
Line, the Japanese messaging service has closed its Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange and relaunched the exchange service globally from a United States-based platform.

China is Expecting its First-Ever Blockchain Exchange-Traded Fund
Shenzhen is expecting its nation’s first exchange-traded fund (ETF) that will track blockchain-themed stocks as underlying assets.

Sparkswap Decentralized Exchange Shuts Down Citing Low User Volume
The decentralized exchange, Sparkswap which is backed by Pantera Capital has made an announcement that it is going to shut down permanently. The announcement came from the editor of Sparkswap exchange, Trey Griffith who attributed the shutting down of exchange to the low and weak user base of the exchange.

Mogu Token Lists on South Korean Exchange Bitsonic
Mogu, an Asia-Pacific technology firm currently scaling distributed, micro-cloud infrastructure through the deployment of household smart routers, announced its token (MOGX) listing today on the Bitsonic exchange. Bitsonic is a market-leading cryptocurrency exchange located in Seoul, South Korea.

Digital Asset Exchange OKEx Makes Entry Into Africa
Digital asset exchange OKEx has made known its plans to host events across Africa in an effort to make its mark on the continent.

First Ever Blockchain-Based IPO Launches on National Stock Exchange
The shares are available on the MERJ exchange platform as well as through broker-dealer Jumpstart and crypto custodian Prime Trust, which are both based in the US and via Globacap.

Singaporean Company Launches World’s First Blockchain-Enabled Carbon Trading Exchange
AirCarbon Pte, a Singaporean exempt private company, has established the first-ever blockchain-powered carbon trading exchange (CTX) that will permit corporate buyers and airlines to sell and purchase tokens subsidized by carbon offset credits.

Intercontinental Exchange Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Trading Platform Goes Live
Launched as of 8 pm EST on Sept. 22, Bakkt’s physically settled Bitcoin futures trading has launched and is now live for trading on the Intercontinental Exchange Futures US (ICE).

Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold: Crypto Exchange Coinbase
On May 1, 2020, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase published an article on its blog claiming that Bitcoin is superior to gold. The crypt exchange had earlier published a similar article where they supported Bitcoin over Gold due to its ease to audit, anonymity, low transaction fee, and ease to be fragmented into smaller fractions.

Upbit Exchange Hacked For 50 Million Dollars in Ethereum
CEO of Upbit, wrote a report explaining the reasons why deposits and withdrawals were not functional on the exchange at the moment, noting that a shocking total of 342,000 ETH were stolen from the Upbit Ethereum Hot Wallet.