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Women in Blockchain: Sam Shrager of BCB Group
The Women in Blockchain Series describes the journeys of some of the pioneer women driving initiatives and changing the nature of work by leveraging this revolutionary technology.

Women in Blockchain: Marina Petrichenko of Salamentex
How the Women in the Blockchain Industry can help foster ideas with reality to ensure financial freedom under a protected environment, through education.

Women Taking on the Mantle of Leadership in Blockchain and Crypto Law
Women cryptocurrency and blockchain lawyers are taking the helm in several major law firms as they are leading blockchain practice groups in at least a half-dozen reputable law firms, such as McDermott Will & Emery, Morrison & Foerster, and Goodwin Procter.

Women in Blockchain: Alisa Berezutska of Krypton Events
The Next Block Asia held in Bangkok was a huge success in June 2019. Organized by Krypton Events, Next Block 2.0 will be back in Bangkok on Dec. 3, gathering blockchain leaders to discuss affiliate marketing in the age of crypto. We caught up with Alisa Berezutska, CEO of Krypton Events on her blockchain journey and shared with us her personal take on “Women in Blockchain”.

Women in Payments CEO Answers: Could Facebook Libra Be a Huge Threat to Visa and Paypal?
Kristy Duncan, the CEO of Women in Payments the company in 2012, looking to add value in a different way, to connect, inspire, and champion women who are working in the payments industry globally. In our interview with Duncan, she shared with us the changing payment landscape with the emerging technologies in the sector.

Women in Payments CEO: Less than 5% of VCs Invest in Women-Led FinTech Companies
With a background in engineering, Kristy Duncan, the CEO of Women in Payments started her career in banking and then into the payments industry. Duncan has then been fascinated with the payments market, and is a “payments geek at heart.” She started Women in Payments in 2012, Looking to add value in a different way, to connect, inspire, and champion women who are working in the payments industry globally.

Miss Finland: Most Women Stay Away From Bitcoin Because of Its Risk
Miss Finland a strong female supporter of cryptocurrency says that women tend to stay away from Bitcoin due to its high-risk level, hence its low popularity among women.

UN Agency Employs Blockchain to Protect Migrant Workers in Hong Kong From Illegal Fees
Blockchain is being deployed by the International Organization for Migration to curb the exploitation of domestic helpers in Hong Kong by unethical agencies who charge illegal fees.

Indian Engineering Students Develop Blockchain-based Smart Voting System
Three Computer Engineering Students have created a Blockchain-based Voting System which will allows casting of votes online, instead of the manual means of standing in a poll.

Deloitte Survey: Blockchain Adoption Reaches A Turning Point
Lastest Deloitte survey titled "Deloitte's 2019 Global Blockchain Survey Blockchain gets down to business" shows that Blockchain application is reaching a turning point. People are interested in building a practical business application instead of just dabbling it.

Could Blockchain Increase Diversity in the Way Films are Nominated for the Academy Awards?
The film awards season has finally passed for the year and a look back over the last few weeks, unfortunately, uncovers lingering problems with diversity among the nominations for both the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards (Oscars). Could blockchain provide a solution?

Blockchain in healthcare symposium Abu Dhabi 2020
Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium Event Overview

Connecting Crypto Exchanges with CMC's New Liquidity Metrics: What We Learned at The Capital
Beginning on Nov. 12 and spanning two days, CoinMarketCap held its inaugural large-scale event, The Capital, which brought together leading stakeholders in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, regulatory and financial industries.

How Blockchain is Prompting Innovations in Waste Management
Blockchain can come in handy in the realization of efficient waste management measures through the creation of a trustworthy, transparent, and immutable supply chain network for a plethora of different records. This technology can aid in the digital tracking of information, allowing an in-depth analysis of supply chains.

Blockchain Explained in One Sentence
Blockchain Explained in One Sentence: It is not easy to explain what is Blockchain to non-tech people. When you tell them Blockchain, they will ask is it a chain? (and maybe show you a google search image by keywords "chain png")

Blockchain Got Down to Business in 2019
Executives who took part in Deloitte’s survey are confident about the new and evolving use-cases of blockchain. In comparison to Deloitte’s 2018 survey, respondents report that overall corporate blockchain investment is expanding across most sectors and practical applications are gaining traction.

Financial Conduct Authority, on the 2 Key Initiatives to the Era of Open Finance
Following the Part 1 interview of the Financial Conduct Authority, Maha El Dimachki, Head of Payments of the FCA reveals some of her key initiatives in the FCA, including the significance of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) among the EU countries and the rationale of the Stronger Customer Authentication. As Co-Chair of Spectrum, the BAME Network Group at the FCA, El Dimachki also provided some advice for women in FinTech!

How Blockchain is Making a Revolution in Real Estate?
How Blockchain is Making a Revolution in Real Estate?

LinkedIn: Blockchain Jobs Skyrocketing in India
According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, positions, such as blockchain developers, have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in India. LinkedIn views emerging jobs as tasks that have witnessed incredible demand in a certain region.

Barclays and RBS Join Blockchain Trial in Real Estate
Barclays and RBS Join Blockchain Trial in Real Estate

HK FinTech Week: What’s Next for Blockchain in Finance?
HK FinTech Week: What’s Next for Blockchain in Finance?

What is Digital Content Crowdfunding in Blockchain?
What is Digital Content Crowdfunding in Blockchain? Blockchain has drastically changed the operations in digital content industry, in terms of revenue sharing and storage of digital content. The quality of digital content is of paramount importance for readers, and readers are willing to pay for subscriptions to high quality content providers, which leads to the emergence of digital content crowdfunding. We are glad to interview Matej Michalko, Founder and CEO of DECENT, to share his views on blockchain’s impact on the digital content industry. He indicates that blockchain is not the one-for-all solution in digital content industry.

EMT Pilots Facial Recognition and Blockchain Ticketing Project in Madrid
EMT, a public transportation firm in Madrid wants to use blockchain for its ticketing pilot project.

Official State-Run Publication Reports Blockchain Development in China to Reach $2 Billion In 2023
Chinese publication, Xinhua, reports that blockchain technology will reach $2 billion in 2023 as well as this, blockchain development in China is expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 65.7% from 2018 to 2023.

Building Decentralized Applications to Soon Become a Reality in WordPress
All decentralized applications will not be required to be built from scratch as this would greatly slow down the rate of adoption. For this reason, the Rue framework is gearing up to enable WordPress users to be able to transform their websites into platforms where they can easily build dapps.