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Mance Harmon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph.

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Exclusive: Is the Hedera Hashgraph Powered Data Visualization Tool the Antidote to Censored Coronavirus Reporting?
Is the Hedera Hashgraph powered data visualization tool the antidote to censored coronavirus reporting? Mance Harmon, CEO, Hedera HashGraph tells Blockchain.News how the HashLog leveraging their decentralized tracker was able to be deployed so quickly to combat the overwhelming volume of misinformation surrounding the outbreak.

Exclusive from Hedera Hashgraph CEO: Hashgraph is BFT, Blockchains are not
In this second part of our exclusive interview with Mance Harmon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph, we discuss the Hashgraph’s unique consensus mechanism, Hedera Hashgraph 2.0 and why the hashgraph is ACID compliant while blockchains are not.

Connecting Crypto Exchanges with CMC's New Liquidity Metrics: What We Learned at The Capital
Beginning on Nov. 12 and spanning two days, CoinMarketCap held its inaugural large-scale event, The Capital, which brought together leading stakeholders in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, regulatory and financial industries.

Hedera Hashgraph Chief Scientist Dr. Leemon Baird—Defeating the Byzantine Generals and Bringing a Layer of Trust to the Internet
In our exclusive interview with Hedera’s Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Dr. Leemon Baird, Blockchain.News gets the details on how Hedera Hashgraph achieves Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance, the growing Hedera Governing Council and the use of the Hedera Hashgraph DLT to prevent coupon fraud.

Exclusive: Did Facebook Copy Hedera Hashgraph's Governance Model?
When Facebook released Libra’s whitepaper, Hedera Hashgraph allegedly “thanks” Facebook for imitating their governance model. What is the story behind?

Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week 2021 to Showcase International Technological Bridges
A nearly week-long premiere virtual event will feature industry leaders discussing the most exciting use cases of blockchain application in fintech, healthtech, investment banking, supply chain etc., as well as strengthen links between China’s own Greater Bay Area and other countries.

Deepak Chopra Partners with Hedera Hashgraph to Leverage Blockchain for COVID-19 Mental Health Support
Renown Indian-American author Deepak Chopra discussed how blockchain technology could help in improving mental health during the current pandemic crisis.

First Bitcoin Mixer Slapped with $60M Fine by FinCEN in Money Laundering Crackdown
FinCEN charged a Bitcoin-mixing operator with a $60 million civil money penalty for violating anti-money laundering regulations.

Hong Kong, a Coronavirus Hit City: How is the Blockchain Ecosystem Bracing for Greater Impact?
Workers in China are now stuck in their hometowns, with 27 Mainland cities on lockdown in the country. Hong Kong has been investigated cases of environmental transmission of the coronavirus, as two residents in Hong Kong have been infected who live in the same residential building, but on different floors. This, in turn, could impact the US stock market, as the country was previously confident that China could contain the spread of the disease.