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Larry Sanger, ex-co-founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, is CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Everipedia. Larry Sanger once described Wikipedia as "a broken system". His personal website:

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Exclusive: Why is Everipedia Built on EOS, but not Ethereum?
Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger is happy to embrace the changes in online encyclopedia with blockchain. Joined in Everipedia as Chief Information Officer (CIO) Dec 2017, Larry shares to our readers why Everipedia is built on EOS instead of Ethereum! He also mentioned 4 advantages of blockchain on encyclopedia, yet efficiencies are not the main advantage!

EuropeChain wins Adoption Ambassador at Malta AIBCsummit 19
EuropeChain wins Adoption Ambassador at Malta AI and Blockchain Conference

Exclusive: Will Everipedia Replace Wikipedia in Future?
Following Part 1 of our interview, Larry took a deeper dive in Everipedia in terms of governance model, staking mechanism and public awareness. He also addressed the question that have drawn widespread curiosity of public: Will Everipedia replace Wikipedia in future?

LedgerX Co-Founders Put on Leave Following US CFTC Scrutiny
Ledger Holdings face trouble surrounding Bitcoin Futures trading markets. The CFTC has come forward to make it clear that any trading in the USA must be certified and then released to the public.

Unveiling the Top 5 Surprising Views on Blockchain by AFF leaders
Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech and virtual assets will be at the centre of many of the discussions and we have selected a few of the speakers that we are most intrigued by and some that our readers may not realize are important or outspoken in the blockchain and crypto space. We have purposely excluded the usual suspects—if you don’t know what PWC’s Henri Arslanian thinks about crypto by now, we really can’t help you.

Couple Charged by the SEC for Defrauding 500 Investors in Fraudulent Water-Backed Cryptocurrency Scheme
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has persecuted a former Texan pastor and his spouse for allegedly conning hundreds of innocent investors. The SEC said that the Texas couple used alkaline water-backed crypto, TeshuaCoin, to con the investors.

Weekly Market Snapshot - June 24, 2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!

Weekly Market Snapshot - June 24,2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!