Three Crucial Expectations from the Crypto Market in August

Overall the market is showing signs that the crypto winter may be wrapping up, but while investors may want to start bagging new coins in their portfolios, these three key expectations should stay alert in August.

Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges Experiences Macro Decline as Price Eyes a Weekly Close Above the 200-Week MA

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to exit crypto exchanges since it’s recording a macro decline.

Off to a Good Start: Crypto Market Awakening on Sustained Retail Stack Up

With more headwinds ahead as it relates to the US Fed’s potential of raising interest rates yet again, retail investors are arguably staying alert to avoid being caught off-guard in the crypto market.

Bitcoin Hodlers are Unwilling to Spend at Lower Prices as Most Coins Remain Untouched

Despite the bearish momentum experienced in the Bitcoin (BTC) market, long-term hodlers remain steadfast because they are not selling.

Crypto Watchlist: Biggest Losers This Week (AVAX, MATIC, KCS)

With most coins trading in the negative, here is a look into the three coins with the biggest weekly losses.

NFT Sales Slide to a 12-Month Low Amid Crypto Meltdown

The bloodbath in the crypto market has contributed to sales in the non-fungible token (NFT) sector slipping to a 12-month low, according to crypto analytic firm Chainalysis.

Crypto Market Resurgence: Is the Crypto Winter Finally Over?

While investors might be optimistic about the recent bullish trend, a major question then surfaces: Does this recovery imply a return to the bullish green days?

Are Institutional Investments Fueling Correlation Between Crypto and Stock Markets?

With macroeconomic factors like interest rate hikes affecting both stocks and crypto, this begs the question: are institutional investments propelling the correlation between the two markets?

Altcoins Expanding DeFi Ecosystem but Can't Beat Layer 1 King Ethereum: Chainalysis

One of the major investment topics of 2021 was the alternative blockchain networks as big investors are looking beyond Bitcoin and taking a leap into Ethereum.

Exploitation in the NFT World is Real But Are They Preventable?

Blockchain.News recently spoke to three industry leaders to explore NFT-linked security weaknesses and solutions. Experts suggest investors should always do their own due diligence before injecting funds into any project, no matter the hype.

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