Red Alert: Ripple Effects of Coronavirus on Chinese Electronic Manufacturers and Bitcoin Miners
The scourge of the coronavirus has led to the temporary closure of factories in China with the electronic industry supply chain being hit the hardest forcing an extension in the Lunar year holiday following the outbreak of the virus.
Ethereum, EOS, & TRON: Which Blockchain Will Continue to Dominate the Dapp Ecosystem in 2020?
By measuring the success of how individual blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, and TRON have been performing in the first month of the new year, the data from January 2020 gives an insight into the year ahead.
Hong Kong, a Coronavirus Hit City: How is the Blockchain Ecosystem Bracing for Greater Impact?
Workers in China are now stuck in their hometowns, with 27 Mainland cities on lockdown in the country. Hong Kong has been investigated cases of environmental transmission of the coronavirus, as two residents in Hong Kong have been infected who live in the same residential building, but on different floors. This, in turn, could impact the US stock market, as the country was previously confident that China could contain the spread of the disease.
VanEck Makes the Case for Institutional Bitcoin Investment
VanEck has outlined the case for institutional Bitcoin (BTC) investment in a report published on Jan. 29. According to the investment management firm, even a small amount of BTC allocation could improve a portfolio's upside.
Terminating Fake News with Blockchain
What's real and what's fake in the media world is increasingly difficult to discern. The war against fake news rages on, but there is one new weapon in the arsenal against misinformation: Blockchain
How Does Blockchain Enhance Traditional Project Management?
Projects are very different from every other type of activity; they have a definite beginning, ending and time frame. They are created or initiated to fulfill a specific objective, which after fulfilling they cease to exist. But did you know that 7 out of ten projects overrun their deadlines? How can blockchain enhance the process of project management?
Could Bitcoin and Blockchain Be Affected by the Coronavirus?
Blockchain, Bitcoin and Viruses. What can we expect?
Bangladesh Cashing in into the Blockchain Bandwagon Ahead of the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'
Blockchain technology has seen an increasing amount of adoption, from large conglomerates researching its uses and testing it out, to officials such as President Xi Jinping, endorsing and seizing the opportunities that it may bring. Dr. Mohammad Saifur Rahman, the US-based blockchain expert, said that blockchain can have applications in financial industries, including remittance, credit, and payment industries, as well as e-governance in Bangladesh.
What Solutions Can Blockchain Bring in Response to the Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak?
The coronavirus death toll hit a daily high, as China confirms 3694 cases, a slightly lower number than the day earlier. 28,261 cases of infection have been reported worldwide with 565 deaths, mostly in Hubei province in China. How can blockchain be utilized to tackle this problem?
What Does the Japanese FinTech Landscape Look Like?
Tokyo, the capital of Japan has been ranked as one of the top 12 FinTech hubs in the world by Deloitte’s A tale of 44 cities: Connecting Global FinTech: Interim Hub Review 2017. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) created policy outlines to form the city with the vision of an unrivaled global financial center.

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