Only in Crypto: John McAfee Admits "Copy-Pasting" PIVX Whitepaper, Wants to Sue them Nonetheless
McAfee’s crypto project “Ghost” was found to have plagiarised its entire whitepaper from another crypto firm, but instead of being apologetic, the entrepreneur threatens to sue PIVX, the project in question, for causing reputational damage.
Litecoin And Atari Bring the Highly Anticipated Atari Token to The Market
US videogame producer Atari has partnered with Litecoin to facilitate cryptocurrency usage and payments across its gaming ecosystem.
Bitcoin on Showtime: Winklevoss Biographer Writes BTC Mining Plot for Billions
Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series Billions featured a cryptocurrency mining scheme being executed in a prep school.
ISIS Millions Could Be Hidden in Cryptocurrency Ready-to-Fund War Chest
There is fear that missing ISIS’s £246 million may have been hidden in cryptocurrency waiting to be used for war chest.
Japanese E-book Publisher Turns to Blockchain for Distributiion in the Pandemic Era
A Japanese book distributor is mulling an investment in a blockchain-based platform to distribute e-books, as partial lockdowns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continue in Japan.
Brazil Highlights Blockchain Technology as a Digital Strategy Goal
Last week, Brazil unveiled its Digital Government Strategy that highlighted the use of distributed ledger systems and blockchain technology to transform major parts of the economy, especially in a post-COVID-19 environment.
Plantoids: The Advent of New Blockchain-Based Lifeforms
Plantoids. What are they? Where do they come from? This new art project uses blockchain as a new outlet of artistic expression.
Bill Gates Planned COVID-19 Pandemic via Deep-state 'Circular Cabal', says Disgraced Dr. Mikovits
A recent clip from a soon to be released documentary called ‘Plandemic’ features a disgraced virologist Dr Judy Mikovits accusing a sinister corporate controlled “circular cabal” led by Bill Gates himself, of creating the coronavirus pandemic.
Visa Applies for Blockchain-Based Digital Currency Patent to Potentially Remove Physical Currency
Visa has filed a patent application to create a blockchain-based digital currency on a centralized computer, according to a publication by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent was originally filed in November 2019, and was described as “Digital Fiat Currency.” The US dollar was mentioned as one of the fiat currencies to be used potentially, although the patent could also apply to other central bank digital currencies including the pound, yen, and the euro.
Students at Texas-based University Accorded with Blockchain-Powered GreenLight Credentials
The University of North Texas (UNT) in Dallas has unveiled GreenLight Credentials, a blockchain-enabled academic records verification platform, for its students, giving them more control of their transcripts.

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