Decentralized Hackers 'Anonymous' Promise Retribution for George Floyd, Will Expose Minneapolis Police Record of Systemic Racism
Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ has promised retribution against the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for the death of George Floyd last week.
CoinMarketCap Introduces Algorithmically Ranked Crypto Trading Pairs to Eradicate Volume Inflation
CoinMarketCap, a leading crypto data tracker, has gone a notch higher by presenting a new ranking system based on an innovative algorithm powered by machine learning. According to the company’s blog post, this new approach will enable users to make more profound trading decisions when it comes to market pairs. The new approach presented by CoinMarketCap seeks to revamp its current single metric ranking network to a combined one that will handle at least 22,000 market pairs covering more than 5,500 cryptocurrencies.
VeChain and Bayer China Team up for Blockchain-based Healthcare Project, Here’s What it Means for China
Pharmaceutical giant Bayer is now working with Chinese crypto project VeChain on a blockchain-based medical traceability and supply chain program.
Coinbase CEO Avoids Mainstream Media, Prefers YouTube, Podcasts and Blogs
Brian Armstrong the Coinbase CEO, has joined the list of cryptocurrency executives who prefer to leverage their own blogs and platforms to distribute information to the media, as opposed to direct contact with any journalists.
Only in Crypto: John McAfee Admits "Copy-Pasting" PIVX Whitepaper, Wants to Sue them Nonetheless
McAfee’s crypto project “Ghost” was found to have plagiarised its entire whitepaper from another crypto firm, but instead of being apologetic, the entrepreneur threatens to sue PIVX, the project in question, for causing reputational damage.
Litecoin And Atari Bring the Highly Anticipated Atari Token to The Market
US videogame producer Atari has partnered with Litecoin to facilitate cryptocurrency usage and payments across its gaming ecosystem.
Bitcoin on Showtime: Winklevoss Biographer Writes BTC Mining Plot for Billions
Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series Billions featured a cryptocurrency mining scheme being executed in a prep school.
ISIS Millions Could Be Hidden in Cryptocurrency Ready-to-Fund War Chest
There is fear that missing ISIS’s £246 million may have been hidden in cryptocurrency waiting to be used for war chest.
Brazil Highlights Blockchain Technology as a Digital Strategy Goal
Last week, Brazil unveiled its Digital Government Strategy that highlighted the use of distributed ledger systems and blockchain technology to transform major parts of the economy, especially in a post-COVID-19 environment.
Plantoids: The Advent of New Blockchain-Based Lifeforms
Plantoids. What are they? Where do they come from? This new art project uses blockchain as a new outlet of artistic expression.

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