Reliance Retail accept digital rupee at one store
Reliance Retail has pledged to assist India's CBDC throughout its companies.
Senate Banking Committee to Develop Bipartisan Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrencies
The Senate Banking Committee, led by Sherrod Brown and Tim Scott, may regulate crypto in the upcoming Congress.
Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida Comes Out in Support
On Feb. 1, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addressed the House Budget Committee on DAOs, NFTs, and Web3.
Randall Crater, Founder of "My Big Coin" Sentenced
A U.S. Federal Court Judge sentenced Randall Crater to 100 months in prison. Crater defrauded 55 investors with $7.6 million.
BankProv Stops Offering Loans Secured by Crypto Mining Rigs
BankProv said in an SEC filing that it would no longer lend against crypto mining machines.
Hopes Dashed for India's Crypto Community
The Indian crypto community was upset that the budget did not address crypto, hoping for a 30% tax decrease.
U.K. Treasury Proposes Ambitious Crypto Regulations
The UK Treasury labelled algorithmic stablecoins "unbacked crypto assets" rather than banning them.
Tether Denies Receiving Any Loans From Celsius
Tether's chief technical officer Paolo Ardoino denied borrowing from Celsius in response to Celsius' examiner report.
FTX and Affected Parties Request Subpoenas for Information from close relatives
FTX subpoenas Sam Bankman-Fried and colleagues for bankruptcy proceedings.
Former FTX CEO ordered not to contact current or former employees
Sam Bankman-Fried cannot contact FTX or Alameda personnel or utilise Signal as part of his bail terms.

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