What is IRS
IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service which is an official website of the United States. It is the nation's tax collection agency and administers the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress.

US IRS May Seize Cryptocurrency Worth Billions of Dollars In 2022, Top Agency Official Says
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) predicts that it would seize more billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency next year, given the agency is set to get more funding for the government.
Why Cathie Wood’s ARK Investments Skipped Buying the First Bitcoin Futures ETF Shares?
It was unusual that ARK Investments did not buy ProShares Bitcoin futures shares during the debut trading on the public markets. Wood Cathie, the CEO of the investment firm, has given out reasons behind such moves.
US IRS May Auction off the $1.2B Worth of Crypto Seized This Year
The current crypto seizure amount of $1.2 billion made by the IRS may be up for auction to the public.
U.S. IRS Chief Requests More Power To Collect Crypto Transfer Data
U.S. Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Charles Retting told Congress that the authority needs more permission to collect cryptocurrency transfer data, Reuters reported Tuesday.
U.S. Treasury Requests Report to IRS for Crypto Transfers Over $10,000
The U.S. Treasury Department today proposed to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that investors need to report on crypto transactions of more than $10,000.
California Court Orders Kraken Exchange to Reveal Identities of Users who Have Transacted in Crypto
IRS has secured authorization from a federal court to issue a John Doe warrant to Kraken to reveal the identity of users transacting in crypto.
Norwegian Tax Authorities Want Investors to Voluntarily Declare their Crypto Earnings
The Norwegian Tax Administration wants people to voluntarily report their cryptocurrency earnings ahead of the April deadline for filing tax returns.
US Treasury Official says IRS is Assessing Models for Crypto Tax Reporting Rules
The IRS is developing domestic reporting rules for cryptocurrency taxation and assessing different models, according to a Treasury Department official at an OECD event.
ZCash Celebrates First Halving, Unveils Canopy The Network's Fifth Upgrade
ZCash has undergone its first halving at block 1,046,400 and the event coincides with the network's fifth upgrade dubbed Canopy.
US Tax Office Warns Coinbase Users To Declare Crypto Holdings Before IRS Clampdown
The IRS may soon start clamping down on crypto users particularly those affiliated with Coinbase exchange who do not properly report their crypto holdings.

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