What is IRS
IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service which is an official website of the United States. It is the nation's tax collection agency and administers the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress.

US Treasury Official says IRS is Assessing Models for Crypto Tax Reporting Rules
The IRS is developing domestic reporting rules for cryptocurrency taxation and assessing different models, according to a Treasury Department official at an OECD event.
ZCash Celebrates First Halving, Unveils Canopy The Network's Fifth Upgrade
ZCash has undergone its first halving at block 1,046,400 and the event coincides with the network's fifth upgrade dubbed Canopy.
US Tax Office Warns Coinbase Users To Declare Crypto Holdings Before IRS Clampdown
The IRS may soon start clamping down on crypto users particularly those affiliated with Coinbase exchange who do not properly report their crypto holdings.
The Bahamas Becomes First Country to Launch its CBDC, the ‘Sand Dollar’
The Bahamas has launched the Sand Dollar, making it the first country in the world to officially release a central bank digital currency (CBDC) beyond the testing phase.
IRS Updates 1040 Income Tax Form, Lays Traps for Crypto Tax Cheats
The IRS plans to update the 1040 income tax form for 2020 to make it more difficult for taxpayers to avoid declaring their crypto assets.
How Are Uniswap’s UNI Governance Tokens Taxed?
Uniswap the popular decentralized exchange recently awarded members its UNI tokens. But what do holders need to know about paying tax on UNI governance tokens?
IRS Criminal Investigations Puts $625,000 Bounty on Monero Privacy Crack and BTC Lightning Network Tracker
IRS Criminal Investigations have put a $625,000 bounty on the heads of Monero (XMR) privacy and BTC Lightning Network (LN) transactions.
Members of Congress Ask IRS for Relaxed Approach to Crypto Staking Taxes
Innovation friendly members of United States Congress have written to the IRS request a level-headed approach to tax on cryptocurrency staking rewards.
Coinbase User Sues IRS for Illegal Seizure of Crypto Records
James Harper, a Bitcoin researcher, is suing the IRS, its commissioner, and nearly a dozen of its agents for violating his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights—his right to privacy and right to due process—with their infamous Letter 6137 in July last year.
IRS Crypto Disclosure Letters Violated US Taxpayer Rights in 2019
The IRS shook up the US crypto sector last year, when it issued Letter 6137 to American taxpayer’s which demanded that all citizens declare any unreported crypto gains within 30 days. One year on and an IRS watchdog has slammed the letter as a violation of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

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