SEC typically refers to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which "protects investors in the $3.8 trillion municipal securities markets that cities and towns rely on to provide neighborhood schools, local libraries and hospitals, public parks, safe drinking water and so much more". But it can also refer to the security and exchange regulation bodies of other countries.

Ripple to Explore IPO after SEC Lawsuit, CEO Discloses
Blockchain payments firm Ripple Labs Inc CEO Brad Garlinghouse disclosed the firm will consider moves to float its IPO after the suit is done with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Grayscale Wants SEC's Approval for Bitcoin ETF With Public Support
Digital assets manager Grayscale Investments is stirring the public to send a message to the US Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to approving the conversion of its flagship product, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) to a full-fledged spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).
Prosecutors Investigate Do Kwon with Ponzi Fraud Charges amid Terraform Labs Dissolvement
South Korean Prosecutors are investigating Do Kwon if they will file Ponzi fraud charges against him following the Terra crash.
SEC Chair Gensler Seeks More Funding for Regulatory Programs
The US Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking additional money to fund its programmes to facilitate initiatives and cover additional costs.
Is the Luna stablecoin crash a sign of the entire industry's death?
It is impossible to tell for sure whether the dump was a deliberate act, who stood behind it, or what its purpose was. Transparency in Terra's actions could shed light on these questions.
Grayscale Debuts First European ETF
Grayscale Investments has announced the launch of its first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) product in the European Economic Area.
Nvidia Agrees to Pay $5.5 Million to SEC Fine for Failure to Crypto Mining Disclosures
The SEC said it found that Nvidia misled investors in 2017 and 2018 on how cryptocurrency contributed to the profits in its gaming business.
Grayscale Files Form 10 with SEC for its 3 Trusts
Grayscale has filed a Form 10 on behalf of Horizen Trust, Stellar Lumens Trust, and Zcash Trust to become the company’s products designated as investment vehicles reporting to the SEC.
SEC to Hire More Investigators to Fight Crypto Frauds
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has planned to expand its special unit which was created for investigating cryptocurrency frauds and other illegal activities, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Oddity Tech Ltd Launches Security Token Offering to Democratize Investing
Oddity is innovating its offerings to keep up with the changing users’ expectations.

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