NASA stands for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

US Space Force Makes its Foray into the NFT Metaverse
The United States Space Force is launching an NFT series named after Neil Armstrong.
Winklevoss Says Bitcoin Price to Reach $500,000 — Why BTC is Better than Gold and Oil
Tyler Winklevoss advocates that Bitcoin (BTC) is headed towards a markup of $500,000 in price and that it will be the preferred safe-haven asset by investors.
NASA is Funding a Blockchain Solution for Space Communication
The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is funding two US-based companies to develop a blockchain solution to enhance space communication
Cryptos in Space: The Future of Blockchain in the Final Frontier
People began hearing the word blockchain circa 2008. Over ten years ago now, but barely a drop in the boundless stream of time. This nascent technology soon planted its terrestrial roots and spread around many industrial sectors.
Looking For a Data Scientist: Is NASA Interested in Launching a New Cryptocurrency?
A few days ago, NASA advertised the position of data scientist with emphasis on cryptocurrency experience on LinkedIn platform. The move has stirred much speculation on whether the agency is intending to launch its own cryptocurrency. But let’s find out.

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