NFT concludes F1 season with Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing's cars will feature a nonfungible token (NFT) on their livery in what is being called a first in F1. Lei the Lightning Azuki, an NFT artwork and character from the anime-inspired Azuki collection, will represent the team.

Lionel Messi Becomes Sorare’s Brand Ambassador and Investor

Lionel Messi, a football star who has bagged seven Ballon d’Or Awards, has joined hands with Sorare to be its brand ambassador and investor.

OpenSea Creates Tool for NFT Creators to Enforce Royalties On-Chain

NFT marketplace OpenSea has revealed its plan to create a tool to help creators on its platform enforce creator fee payments.

Boson Protocol Launches Redeemable NFTs For Real World Assets

Boson Protocol has revamped its platform to include redeemable NFTs

Instagram to Run Polygon-backed NFT Marketplace

Meta has announced that social media giant Instagram will be introducing an NFTs marketplace that will run with the support of Polygon.

MetaMask to Offer its Users NFT Price Tracking in Collaboration With NFTBank

MetaMask and NFTBank have collaborated to launch an NFT price-tracking product for the wallet's users

Visa Launches a Special NFT Auction Ahead of FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Visa has launched a pre-event NFT auction for the FIFA World Cup

MyNFT to Bring Europe's First NFT Vending Machine to London

Web3 startup MyNFT will be launching the UK's first NFT Vending machines in London

Swiss’ SEBA Bank Launches Regulated Custody Services for Blue Chip NFTs

SEBA bank has expanded the reach of its crypto offerings with a new service dedicated to custody for NFTs

Apple's New Guidelines Permit NFTs But There's a Caveat

Apple Says developers can now add NFT functionalities on Apps, but it leaves a wide caveat in its updated guideline

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