$12.4 Billion
Worldwide Blockchain Spending in 2022


$60.7 Billion
Blockchain Market Size in 2024


Organizations are Actively Involved with Blockchain


World GDP will be Stored in Crypto Assets by 2027

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US Court to Determine Which Law Firm Should Lead Classic Action Against Tether
Tether (USDT) stablecoin issuer, IFinex and its subsidiary, Bitfinex exchange are facing charges of allegedly manipulating the price of Bitcoin in 2017. Although the company, on the other hand, is vehemently in denial of the charges levelled against it.
Blockchain Platform Owned by Russia’s Richest Man Gets Greenlight to Tokenize Air Tickets
Vladimir Potanin, arguably the richest man in Russia, has been granted permission to offer digital tokens to book air tickets, purchase metals, and transfer ski passes using his blockchain platform dubbed Atomyze. The much-needed go-ahead was given by the nation’s central bank last week based on Potanin’s urge to tokenize commodities from a consumer perspective.
South Korean Tax Specialists Advocate for Lowered Crypto Taxation
Members of the Korean Tax Policy Association are calling on the government to consider applying a low-level tax on crypto transactions. The South Korean administration is contemplating taxing cryptocurrencies as part of its tax reform plan for 2021, but specialists feel it requires in-depth conceptualization.
Singapore’s Court of Appeal Finds Crypto Exchange Culpable of Malice in Momentous Ruling
In a landmark ruling, the Court of Appeal in Singapore noted that Quione, a cryptocurrency exchange, was disloyal to reverse several transactions on its network. This action constituted a breach of contract; hence the law had to take its discourse.
First Crypto-Native Bank to be Launched in the United States by Former Wall Street Executive
Former Wall Street executive and blockchain laws advocate Caitlin Long has seized the opportunity to establish the first crypto-native bank in the United States. This opportunity came as an advantage as the Wyoming legislature has been progressive, and Long previously helped Wyoming to enact thirteen blockchain-enabling laws.
Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrencies Do Not Have Any Value And I Will Never Own Any
Business magnate, CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett on Monday, Feb. 24, confirmed his resentment for cryptocurrency.
Crypto and Blockchain YouTube Channels Blocked: Should Users Move to Dtube?
Many cryptocurrency and blockchain promoters who make use of the famous YouTube platform witnessed their channel being blocked for more than a week during the Christmas holiday period in a move that was seen as a possibility to silence cryptocurrency. Among the Youtuber’s affected are Ivan on Tech, Mr. Kristoff is otherwise known as Crypto Crown and some others.
The Sale of Perth Glory FC Seems Dead in the Water Based on the Crypto Firm’s Dark Past
The proposed sale of Perth Glory FC, an Australian soccer club, has been thrown into disarray following allegations that the potential buyers have an ongoing fraudulent misrepresentation case in the UK High Court. The claims point out that London Football Exchange (LFE), a London-based cryptocurrency company, and its owner Jim Aylward were facing a $2.2 million USD lawsuit brought forth by a Turkmenistan oil trader.
Crypto Gains Significant Exposure as Jim Parsons Debuts on The Simpsons to Introduce the 'Cash of the Future'
The latest episode of The Simpsons featured Jim Parsons, known for his role as Sheldon Cooper in the television show, The Big Bang Theory, as an animated guest star who introduces cryptocurrencies and blockchain to Lisa, one of the characters in The Simpsons.
Belgium’s FSMA Blacklists More Crypto Investment Businesses Following Customer Complaints
Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), a body mandated with the oversight and regulation of the nation’s financial services sector, has opted to add more crypto investment businesses to its blacklist for fraudulent activities. According to an official announcement, this decision was sparked by new cries aired by customers about cryptocurrency investment offers meant to swindle them.

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