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Tim Draper is a famous American VC investor and founder of DraperUniversity. He is an active member of the cryptocurrency industry. Tim Draper's official website is: https://www.timothydraper.com/

"Tim Draper's Bitcoin Diversification Advice"
Venture capitalist Tim Draper advises business founders to diversify their cash holdings by keeping at least two payrolls worth of cash in Bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies, along with other recommendations, in response to the uncertainty created by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.
Billionaire Tim Draper Predicts Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000 by the End of 2022
Billionaire Tim Draper said he remains optimistic about Bitcoin and expects its price to reach $250,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023.
Tech Billionaire Tim Draper Says Netflix Could Be the Next Fortune 100 Company to Invest in Bitcoin
After several speculations have been made regarding which companies would emulate Tesla’s Bitcoin strategy, Billionaire Tim Draper predicts Netflix may be the next big BTC investor.
Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper Reveals Crypto Investment Secrets – Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tezos, and More
Renowned tech billionaire Tim Draper revealed that his crypto investment portfolio in 2020 was not only restricted to bitcoins but also contained a variety of altcoin assets.
Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper Says Regulators Have Made IPOs Too Expensive
Speaking on Unitize panel, billionaire investor Tim Draper advised blockchain companies to avoid funding through an initial public offering (IPO) as regulators have made the process far too expensive.
Billionaire Investor Tim Draper: Why Millennials Should Consider Investing in Bitcoin
The future of Bitcoin remains a hot topic. Billionaire venture capitalist, Tim Draper, calls Bitcoin as the way of the future. Draper had a recent interview with Foxbusiness, a session whereby he advised millennials that if they really want to retire rich, then they need to invest in Bitcoin.

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