Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy and sell bitcoin with various payment methods. Supported payment methods are bank transfer, cash payment, gift card, credit card and other digital currencies. CEO of Paxful is Ray.

Paxful Addresses Security Breach Rumors And Says Customer Data Is Safe
Paxful has downplayed the significance of a data breach that saw the private information of 4.8 million of its customers accessed online, saying that the information is fake.
Paxful to Boost Financial Inclusion with Its First Crypto Debit Card
Bitcoin trading platform Paxful announced that it will be adding a crypto debit card to its financial services.
OFAC to Begin Sanctioning Companies Facilitating Ransomware Payments
The OFAC may begin sanctioning US nationals and institutions that help facilitate payments in a ransomware attack.
Stablecoin Reserves May Be Held in National Banks, US Treasury Office Provides Insight
The OCC announced that national banks and federal savings associations could hold reserves for customers with stablecoin assets.
Paxful Exits Venezuela’s P2P Crypto Bitcoin Market Following US Sanctions
Paxful has withdrawn its crypto trading services from Venezuela after the country was classified as high-risk by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
Paxful Research Reveals How Nigerians Are Fighting Devaluation of Native Currency Naira with Bitcoin
The current pandemic has led to a devaluation of Nigeria’s native currency Naira and affected how cryptocurrency trades are conducted in the country.
Argentina Believes in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as Most Effective Hedge Against Inflation, Paxful Survey
Over 70% of Argentines see cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin as the most effective way to hedge against inflation and store financial value
Russian Citizens Are Using P2P Bitcoin Markets to Escape Monolithic Banking System
Crypto usage is growing in Russia, despite attempts by the government to make investment more difficult.
Infinito And Paxful Partner to Accelerate Cryptocurrency Adoption Across the World
Infinito has partnered with Paxful to support cryptocurrency adoption globally.
Paxful CEO: COVID Economic Measures Add Fuel to Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Renaissance in India
As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to steer Central banks and monetary policy into new and creative directions, the market outlook has been drastically altered to view alternative assets such as Bitcoin as legitimate safe haven assets. Recent developments with the Reserve Bank of India lifting its crypto ban has also triggered a wave of cryptocurrency buying in the emerging economic superpower, and Paxful has been right at its centre.

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