Janet Yellen, a former Federal Reserve Chair, from 2014 to 2018

Stablecoins Pose Risks to Financial Stability: Yellen
The instability of the UST stablecoin has pushed the United States Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, to advocate for introducing a tighter regulatory framework to govern the entire stablecoin offshoot of the crypto ecosystem.
US Treasury Secretary Yellen Optimises to Recognize Crypto Role in Finance
Janet Yellen said that the benefits of cryptocurrency are clear and the US Treasury Department acknowledges the role it plays in the current landscape.
America to Build its Digital Dollar Based on General Consensus
The US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the move by the American Federal Reserve to develop a Digital Dollar or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) can only take place following a general consensus amongst all parties of interest.
Bitcoin Price Drop, An Aftermath of Janet Yellen Calling the Cryptocurrency "Extremely Inefficient"
The crypto market with Bitcoin in the lead is down following comments from Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen that BTC is mainly used in crime and is inefficient.
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Cites Crypto’s Growing Role in Terrorism Finance
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she sees the “promise” of cryptocurrency but also is wary of the reality that crypto is increasingly being leveraged to finance terrorism
Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Confirmed in Senate as new US Treasury Secretary
After being nominated by President Joe Biden, the United States Senate has now confirmed former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to serve as Treasury Security.
Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen Plans to Encourage Legitimate Crypto Use
Biden's pick to lead the United States Treasury Department, Janet Yellen thinks crypto has potential to enhance the financial system and wants to encourage its legitimate use.
Janet Yellen says Crypto Terrorist Financing is a Concern Following Attacks on US Capitol
Janet Yellen highlighted the “growing concern” of crypto being leveraged to finance terror just weeks after the US Capitol was attacked by domestic terrorists paid in BTC.
Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Comments on AI and Technology Advancement at the AFF 2020
At this year’s Asian Financial Forum, held in Hong Kong, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen was invited to speak at a Luncheon with moderator Norman Chan, the Senior Advisor at the Hong Kong Academy of Finance.
Unveiling the Top 5 Surprising Views on Blockchain by AFF leaders
Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech and virtual assets will be at the centre of many of the discussions and we have selected a few of the speakers that we are most intrigued by and some that our readers may not realize are important or outspoken in the blockchain and crypto space. We have purposely excluded the usual suspects—if you don’t know what PWC’s Henri Arslanian thinks about crypto by now, we really can’t help you.

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