Hester M. Peirce is the commissioner of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She was appointed by President Donald J. Trump and was sworn in on January 11, 2018. Peirce has earned the nickname of ‘Crypto Mom’ as she is friendly to cryptocurrencies. She spoke out and highlighted parameters that were set and heavily scrutinized in the SEC’s processing and ultimate rejection of Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETF application. Peirce argued that the standards that Bitcoin ETF’s are subjected to have never been applied to traditional markets offering.

Crypto Mom Flags New Proposal From SEC as Harmful for the DeFi Ecosystem
Hester Peirce, popularly known in the digital currency ecosystem as “Crypto Mom” has issued a note of warning that a new proposal from the commission can significantly hurt the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Proposes Revised Crypto Safe Harbor Policies
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has released an amended proposal floating the idea of a safe harbor rule for cryptocurrency projects.
Crypto Leaders Praise United States SEC Inclusive Accredited Investor Definition, Some Think Its Not Enough
Is the SEC's new accredited investor rule inclusive enough? Crypto industry leaders debate.
SEC Makes ICO Token Sales More Inclusive, Not Enough For SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce
The US SEC has modernized their definition of an 'accredited investor' to consider not just an individual’s wealth, but their education.
Crypto Mom Hester Peirce Officially Sworn in as SEC Commissioner
Crypto Mom and blockchain forward SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has been sworn in for a second term at the US SEC.
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Confirmed for Second Term By US Senate, Crypto Mom Will Remain Until 2025
The United States Senate has voted in Commissioner Hester Peirce of the Securities and Exchange Commission for a second term that will see her remain with the regulator until 2025.
Commissioner Hester Peirce Agrees with Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s Criticism of SEC
Commissioner Hester Peirce, affectionately knowns as ‘CryptoMom’, believes the SEC’s court victory over Telegram was inappropriately reached and has further stifled innovation for the United States.
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Wants Regulator Clarity for Crypto Innovation
Hester Peirce, Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission has continued her push for regulatory clarity on crypto and blockchain projects to encourage innovation in the US capital markets.
Trump Nominates SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce For Second Term
Crypto Mom, Hester Peirce has been nominated for a second term with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as one of its five commissioners, until 2025.
US SEC Shoots Down Latest Bitcoin ETF, Commissioner Crypto-Mom Dissents on Ruling
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rejected yet another bid for a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF), this time from New York-based Wilshire Phoenix.

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