A way to measure computational steps necessary for a transaction on the Ethereum network that then equates to a fee for network users. More intensive actions require more gas.

Ethereum Dominates DeFi with 96% of Transactions, Buterin Discusses ETH Gas Fees
Ethereum has set the tone for the DeFi boom this year, and it has dominated particularly during the third quarter of 2020.
Will DeFi Migrate to New Blockchain Platforms with the Surge in Ethereum Gas Prices?
The rise of DeFi in 2020 has made experts question whether Ethereum could sustain the sheer volume of transactions in the long run.
Uniswap’s UNI Becomes a Top 10 DeFi Token After a Day, Driving Ethereum Transaction Fees to an All-Time High
Uniswap recently launched its own governance token UNI, and since its launch, Ethereum’s transaction fees have reached new highs.
Reddit Ethereum-Based Rewards Rolled Out on r/Cryptocurrency and r/FortniteBR Subreddits
Reddit, the popular content aggregating website has created the community points to incentivize users to create high-quality posts and comments.
Spanish Renewable Energy Firm Partners with Climate Blockchain Initiatives to Boost Carbon Offset Sales on Blockchain
Acciona, a leading Spanish renewable energy company, has joined hands with Climate Blockchain Initiatives (CBI), a Valencia-based startup, to boost the sale of its carbon offsets using the latter’s blockchain-powered trading platform.

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