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PwC Singapore's Venture Hub, on the Investment Sentiment of Blockchain Startups
We arranged an interview with Lim Shu Ning, Director in PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub specializing in Blockchain during the SFF, which Shu Ning shares with us the investment sentiment of Singaporean blockchain startups and the state of enterprise blockchain adoption in Singapore.

PWC Singapore's Venture Hub: A Breeding Ground for Singaporean Unicorns
Following Part 1 of the interview, Lim Shu Ning, Director in PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub specializing in Blockchain analyzed the key challenges for startups to become a “Unicorn” in Singapore and shared with us how PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub partners with local regulators and accelerators to foster FinTech innovation in Singapore.

How Can IBM’s Blockchain Network Support $2 Trillion in Product Logistics by 2023?
IBM Blockchain has been around for several years, delivering on blockchain projects for enterprises in areas such as trade finance, securities, payments and supply chain traceability, as well as establishing new platforms for businesses and improving efficiencies in existing industries. Alan Lim, one of the initial members of the IBM Worldwide Blockchain team, heads IBM Blockchain Labs in the Asia Pacific. Lim kicked off his journey in blockchain as he was curious about how blockchain was being used in solving some real-world challenges.

IBM Blockchain in Action: What are the Benefits?
In first and second parts of our interview with Alan Lim, the Program Director of IBM Blockchain Lab in the Asia Pacific, we explored the idea of data standards to improve the supply chain industry, as well as the IBM Food Trust, a food provenance network that allows food products to be traced and tracked. Digging deeper into IBM Blockchain, what else has the company been working on?

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Seeking a New Gold Standard
Reportedly Malaysia’s Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad indicated that he is agreeable to a single currency for the East Asian region backed by gold but critically it would not become the national cash of any current nation.

IBM Food Trust: Cutting Through the Complexity of the World’s Food Supply with Blockchain
IBM Food Trust was first launched in August 2017, with 10 Foundation members aiming to use blockchain in food traceability to solve issues in the food supply chain. Prior to the launch, IBM, Walmart and Tsinghua University announced a collaboration to improve the way food is tracked, transported and sold to customers in China. Juniper Research recently announced that IBM Food Trust is one of the leading blockchain players in the food provenance space.

IBM and Oracle Collaborate on Interoperability Work for Their Blockchains to Communicate With Each Other
IBM and Oracle have announced that they are collaborating to build an interoperability initiative to allow their blockchains to be able to communicate with each other.

Fifth Belt and Road Summit opens today
The fifth Belt and Road Summit, jointly organised by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), opened today. The two-day event (30 November and 1 December) is being held online this year with a new virtual platform that includes plenary sessions, one-to-one business matching meetings, project pitching sessions and a virtual exhibition, bringing together some 80 ministerial officials and business leaders from countries and regions along and beyond the Belt and Road. The event attracted an audience of more than 6,000 from some 80 countries and regions.

Reebonz Tracks Provenance of its Luxury Products Using a Vechain-Powered Digital Certificate
Reebonz, the biggest luxury e-commerce company in Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia, has incorporated blockchain technology into its ecosystem to determine the provenance of its products.

Blockchain Analytics Firm Elliptic Extends Monitoring Solutions to Cover Binance Chain and BNB
Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic recently extended its crypto risk monitoring solutions today by adding the Binance Chain and Binance Coin (BNB).

Could IBM’s Blockchain Platform be the Solution to Disrupted Healthcare Supply Chains Caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic?
IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect leverages the existing IBM’s blockchain platform, Trust Your Supplier, which is a blockchain-based trusted digital identity and supplier information that simplifies the supplier onboarding and supplier management processes while reducing risks. IBM is allowing qualifying suppliers to use Rapid Supplier Connect free of charge until August 31. New York’s largest nonprofit healthcare group, Northwell Health recently joined IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect Network, a blockchain project that aims to tackle the disrupted healthcare supply chains caused by the coronavirus pandemic.