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COVID-19 Hits Canadian Crypto Mining Firm Bitfarms, Forced to Lay Off Staff to Maintain Cost Efficiency
Publicly-listed Canadian crypto mining form Bitfarms has temporarily reduced employees because of the social and economic challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Bitfarms Sells 1500 BTC Goes for New Loan to Boost Liquidity
Bitfarms has now relied on sales of some of its mined Bitcoins and borrowings to fund its capital expenditure and improve its liquidity.

Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms Starts Production in Argentina
The new production facility marks Bitfarms’ 10th mining facility and Argentina as the fourth country where the firm conducts its mining activities, besides the U.S., Canada, and Paraguay.

BTC Miner Bitfarms' Energy Capacity Touches 21% in July
Bitfarms' increase in energy capacity reached 166 megawatts following the firm's completion of the second phase of construction at a location in Canada.

Bitfarms Records $40m in Total Revenue and 900 BTC Mined in Q1 2022
Bitfarms expressed its happiness with the progress that it continues to make. The firm achieved record levels of hash rate, revenue, and Bitcoin mined in the first quarter.